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The Chicken Can Now Cross The Road Safely, Thanks To This Harness

For all your chicken-walking needs!

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Yesito isn’t clucking about when it comes to chicken safety! They’ve got you covered with this stylish new leash which even includes a bow-tie for your feathered friend.

You know that feeling when you really want to take your chicken for a walk, yet you’re plagued by all the necessities of finding a leash that comes loose or a harness that needs constant adjustment? Well worry no more! The Yesito chicken harness is here to care for all your chicken-walking needs! 

Yeah, don’t worry, I’m a bit confused too. Is this a common issue for chicken owners? Any time I’ve visited anywhere that keeps chickens, they’re usually pretty free range (if you’ll pardon the pun). Regardless, the harness seems to have pretty good reviews on Amazon.

The product description outlines the attractive qualities of the harness:


With a Yesito chicken leash and harness. The ultimate training pack has just been released. Do not let your chicks get away. 
Train them in style and even take them for a walk. Surprise any passerby with your chicken on a leash and allow your chicks to have easy access to fresh pasture at the same time. 
Easy Wearing – No Readjusting – No Fuss! 
Now Your Chicken Walks On A Leash Like A Pro! 
Forget about leashes coming loose. Forget about readjusting the harness all the time. Minimize discomfort and keep your pets happy with the Yesito chicken harness. 
Now there is no need to buy a leash as well. It is already included in the kit. Featuring a long 6ft leash strap, you may rest assured that there will be no pulling or hand fatigue. 
Facilitate training and chicken walking. Take your feathered pets for a walk. Take them outdoors. Keep your chicks by your side, safe and sound. Have some fun. Make all eyes stare at you. Teach your kids about the importance of pet training. 


If you didn’t want one before, you definitely want one now! But if living chickens aren’t your thing, maybe you’d be more inclined to get excited about this chicken extravaganza!

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