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The New Bugatti Hypercar Can Hit Speeds of Over 300mph

Everything we know about the insane new car.

Earlier this week the car luxury car manufacturers at Bugatti unveiled their newest project. The proposed “Bugatti Bolide” is set to be their fastest, lightest, and most powerful car to date.

The hypercar will be 1800-horsepower, and will be a track-only model. Designs show an impressive modified design of Bugatti’s Chivron 8.0-liter 16-cylinder engine, allowing it to be even more ridiculously lightweight. The engine is also equipped with an extra four turbochargers from the standard engine (if you can really call it standard).

The design of the car is unique in many ways, with about as much of the bodywork shaven away as possible. This means that you can see a huge amount of the suspension through the bright blue bodywork of the car, making it look more like a spaceship than a car. 

Image via Bugatti

Achim Anscheidt, Director of Design at Bugatti said: “In my 16 years at Bugatti, I have never worked on a more extreme vehicle concept.”

In terms of top speeds, Bugatti are yet to actually state the official top speed of the car. They have let fans know that it will be ‘well above 500kmh’, which is around 310mph, so pretty ridiculously fast. 

Image via Bugatti

Stephan Winkelmann, Bugatti’s President, stated: “We asked ourselves how we could realise the mighty W16 engine as a technical symbol of the brand in its purest form – with solely four wheels, engine, gearbox, steering wheel and, as the only luxury, two seats.” We would say there looks to be much more luxury to the car than the seats. 

The seats themselves are worth a mention though. Buagtti have suggested that drivers would have to open the door and perch on the doorsill whilst they pop their legs into the vehicle before they can slide over into the seat. This goes some way in explaining it only being a track car, it doesn’t seem the most practical way to get in and out.

Image via Bugatti

Bugatti’s website gives a bit more insight into the vision of the vehicle. They say: “The design of the Bugatti Bolide is radically tailored to the idea of lightweight construction, resulting in the most provocative proportion of a modern Bugatti ever and the distilled quintessence of our Bugatti design ethos form follows performance.” We’re not too sure what that means, but it sounds impressive. 

Whilst there is no set date for the release of the car concept, it seems like the people over at Bugatti are pretty excited about how it’s going to turn out. If you’re sat there wondering what you could do to afford a car like this one day, check out this viral TikToker asking supercar owners what they do for a living…..

Featured image via Bugatti

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