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An Amazing $500 Million Swan-Shaped Megayacht Has Just Been Unveiled

Beautiful $500 million yacht designed to appear as graceful as a swan.

Credit: Youtube/Lazzarini Design

A breathtaking mega yacht shaped as a swan has been unveiled by Lazzarini Design Studio, based in Rome.

The 515.09 foot yacht has a control tower in the long, beautiful shape and movement of the neck of a swan. It has been given the name Avanguardia. She also has a removable head that is a command center that can be modified into a 52.49-foot tender.

Although, the Avanguardia has not yet been built, should someone want to bring this masterpiece to life, the studio has estimated that it will cost about $500 million.

The inspiration behind this design comes from various Japanese anime series of the 19070s and 1980s that were centered around robots with heads that acted as command centers. 

There was one Japanese anime series that inspired the designer to create the swan design, Casshan.This series in particular depicted a robotswan character that pretends to be a human woman.

Here is a clip from the Lazzarini Design Youtube channel, unveiling the exquisite design.

Credit: Youtube/ Lazzarini Design

The head and neck can be lowered to reveal five decks and can be used as a cockpit while the yacht is in motion.

The rear deck can be used as a propulsion device and will be capable of hold two electric Jet Capsules that can also be detached from the boat to be used as a separate watercraft.

Avanguardia will allow cruising speed for up to 18 knots powered by duel electric side engines plus a MTU Rolls-Royce Jet engine.

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