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What Colour Palette Should You Be Wearing?

Have you ever wondered why certain colours look better on you than others? A colour analyst might hold the answers you’re looking for.

A rainbow of coloured fabric swatches hang on a clothing hanger.
Credit: Shutterstock/Natali Glado

Have you ever wondered why a dark blue shirt makes your eyes pop, while a bright yellow dress makes you feel washed out? Why certain shades of red lipstick don’t look right on you, while others make you glow? The internet’s newest obsession, colour analysis, looks to answer that question. 

Seasonal colour analysis is a concept that’s been floating around online for a while now. But it’s not just a trend or a game- certified colour analysts have been building entire livelihoods on decoding their client’s most flattering colour palettes.

What is Colour Analysis?

Margarida Torroais Albuquerque Leal, or Maggie T. to her clients, is a professional colour analyst based in London. She says that finding your colour palette can be an empowering experience. It allows someone to fully understand and embrace their natural features. 

“It’s basically a process to understand the best colours for someone based on your natural features,” she said. “Some people have more intensity in their facial characteristics. So what we’re trying to understand is, what is your beauty? What are the main colours of your beauty?”

Maggie offers both in-person and virtual colour assessments, though she says an in-person session is far preferable and more accurate. During an appointment, she’ll drape fabrics of various colours over the client, assessing what shades are the most (and least!) flattering. 

You can see another analyst practicing the same process in the TikTok below:


I got my personal colour analysed in Sydney and it wasn’t what I expected 🌈🤯 What do you think of this? Do you think it’s worth it and would you get this done? 🤔 #personalcolouranalysis #colouranalysis #colouranalysis #coloranalysis #personalcoloranalysis 🌈 Personal colour analysis, colour analysis, colour analysis, color analysis, personal color analysis

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Everyone is placed into one of four categories: Summer, Winter, Autumn, or Spring. Then, based on your seasonal palette, an analyst can determine what shades are most flattering- dark, true, or light. So, Margot Robbie could be a light spring, while Priyanka Chopra could be a deep winter. 

In addition to her one-on-one sessions, Maggie is very active on her Instagram, With a following of over 30 thousand, her feed is an array of celebrity palette assessments, wardrobe recommendations for different seasonal palettes, and tips on the best makeup shade to wear based on your palette. 

So, What’s the point?

Maggie says that wearing your palette can make your face look more harmonious. “There’s a very visual effect of noticing their eye bags a bit less, you know, the little wrinkles. I’ve trained my eye to be able to see that, but I think most people can see when something is a bit off,” she said. 

If you can’t afford a professional analysis, don’t worry! There are ways to find out your colour type at home. There’s an array of filters on TikTok that can help you figure out where you fall within the seasonal palettes. 


The ultimate color analysis guide! Shoutout to @magnifisenses for making this AMAZING filters #coloranalysis #colorseasons #beauty #trend

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But be warned- while these filters can certainly be helpful, there’s no replacement for an analyst’s trained eye.

“What we do as colour analysts, we are trained to be as objective as possible. People are really biased when it comes to colour. ,” she said. “So, people will say a person looks much better with a certain colour. But in reality, it’s the colour that they like, not how the person looks. So that’s exactly the training we go through, is to associate between this is a colour I like versus this is the colour that looks best on this person.”

More Than A Trend

Beyond visual aesthetics, embracing your colour palette has practical benefits, too. It can help you make better choices when shopping for clothes or makeup, reducing impulse purchases and leading to a more cohesive wardrobe. Instead of chasing trends that may not suit you, focusing on your personal palette allows for a tailored approach to style.

Additionally, understanding your seasonal palette can boost your confidence. Wearing colours that complement your features makes you feel more put-together and enhances your natural beauty. “There is also the angle of women understanding what works best for them, women feeling better, about how they express themselves to the world,” Maggie said. 

Ultimately, colour analysis is more than just a fad—it’s a tool for self-expression and a pathway to discovering your unique style. Whether you choose to work with a professional analyst or explore filters on TikTok, discovering your palette can be a fun and empowering experience- something that goes beyond a simple internet trend. 

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