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I Went to the Stick Season Tour: Here’s What to Expect

Is he really mean because he grew up in New England or is it because of his divorced parents?

YouTube/Noah Kahan

Noah Kahan finally kicked off his Stick Season summer tour in Lewiston, New York, on May 26th, 2023. His deluxe version of the Stick Season album, Stick Season (We’ll All Be Here Forever), has been out since June 9th. Let’s take a look at what we should expect from now on with the seven new songs. “Your Needs, My Needs,” “Dial Drunk,” “Paul Revere,” “No Complaints,” “Call Your Mom,” “You’re Gonna Go Far,” and “The View Between Villages (Extended).

Noah Kahan blew up on TikTok in the summer of 2021 due to his song “Stick Season,” featured on his third album, Stick Season. Naturally, people inched toward this song due to the familiarity of the lines about growing up, breaking up, and—covid. Because of this, TikTok has been a home for Noah Kahan’s audience and exposure. Fans on TikTok soon gave Noah Kahan a chance to sing “Stick Season” to thousands of fans on his Stick Season summer tour

So, What Does He Play?

If there is anything Noah Kahan knows how to do, it’s perform. At the Artpark Amphitheater in Lewiston, New York, I got to experience his opening show. With minimal mess-ups as in the first show, Noah Kahan delivered passion, insane vocals, and, of course, divorced parent jokes. Starting off strong with ‘All My Love,’ let’s see his summer ’23 setlist:

Stick Season Summer 2023 Setlist:

  • ‘All My Love’
  • Everywhere, Everything
  • She Calls Me Back
  • False Confidence
  • New Perspective
  • No Complaints (new song)
  • Growing Sideways
  • Maine
  • Your Needs, My Needs (new song)
  • Northern Attitude
  • Dial Drunk (new song)
  • Carlo’s Song
  • You’re Gonna Go Far
  • Orange Juice
  • Homesick


  • The View Between Villages (extended)
  • Stick Season
  • Mess

I know, I know, for those who have grown to love the deluxe version of Stick Season, we are grieving “Call Your Mom” and “Paul Revere.” Thousands of other people, and I especially, since Stick Season (We’ll All Be Here Forever) wasn’t out at the time of his opening show. However, the rest of the setlist covers every song fans are dying to hear live for about an hour and 15 minutes.

The View Between Villages (Literally)

If you’re an avid concert attendee, you know the main factor in your experience is the crowd. For a Noah Kahan concert, this is not an issue. The crowd at Lewiston, New York, and probably everywhere else, was ecstatic to hear these songs live and was not standing still. Honestly, I think it is impossible not to move around while listening to Noah Kahan’s discography—unless you’re crying instead.

I think my favorite part of any outdoor concert is watching the day turn into night and seeing the sunset while watching your favorite artist perform. Good thing this is a summer tour, which means many if not all, outdoor arenas and amphitheaters. This only adds to the ethereal experience of seeing Noah Kahan live since his songs are mainly bonfire-feel-good songs. 

Oh, The Feels!

Noah Kahan has the ability to make you feel everywhere, everything. My favorite part of his (happier) set has to be the songs “Homesick,” “She Calls Me Back,” “Everywhere, Everything” (obviously), and “All My Love.” In the crowd at Lewiston, New York, you could feel the warmth and nostalgia around you. 

Besides his happy-go-lucky songs, I think what makes Noah Kahan so special is his lyricism, especially on his darker records. Songs like “Orange Juice,” “The View Between Villages,” and “Growing Sideways” have always been fan favorites. Take that love, put it in a crowd at a live show, and you will get the concert of your dreams. In a totally non-biased opinion, here are a few lyrics that I personally think were screamed the loudest (not by me, by the crowd, I swear!):

“It’s been a long year and all of our book’s pages dog-eared. We write out the ends on our palms, dear. Then forget to read”

Everywhere, Everything: Noah Kahan, Stick Season, 2022

“You said my heart has changed and my soul has changed and my heart, and my heart. That my face has changed, and I haven’t drank in six months, on the dot.”

Orange Juice: Noah Kahan, Stick Season, 2023

“Time moves so damn slow, I swear, I feel my organs failing. I stopped caring ’bout a month ago, since then it’s been smooth sailin’. I would leave if only I could find a reason. I’m mean because I grew up in New England.”

Homesick: Noah Kahan, Stick Season, 2023

That’s A Wrap!

As the lights go out and “Stick Season” fades away, Noah Kahan plays his last, unpredicted closing song, “Mess.” Overall, Noah Kahan’s summer 2023 Stick Season tour was one for the books. It was the kind of concert you think about for weeks after it happens. The setlist, scenery, and performance of Noah Kahan’s concert are unforgettable, and hopefully, Noah Kahan will send out some new music for another amazing tour (as soon as possible).

If you want to see Noah Kahan live this summer, check out his website to purchase some tickets. I promise you won’t regret it!

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Hello! My name is Emma McElligott. I have always loved to write and now I'm interested in making it my career! I am studying communications and media studies with a minor in psychology at Niagara University. Outside of school, my life consists of coffee, books, and music! 

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