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High Fashion or Abuse? A Look Into How Bianca Censori “Dresses”

Does Ye West dress his wife to show off his fashion mogul status or to publicly shame and ridicule her?

Bianca Censori and Kanye West
Illustration by Edward B. Webber

Bianca Censori, an Australian architect and model, became known to the public after seemingly marrying Ye (formally known as Kanye) West in January 2023. Though the details are mostly hidden from the public, and there is no official marriage license, West was seen wearing a wedding ring at a function that same month. Censori has been an employee of West’s fashion brand, Yeezy, since 2020 as head of architecture. According to her LinkedIn, she graduated with a Master’s in Architecture from the University of Melbourne shortly before joining Yeezy.

Censori and West’s “marriage” was revealed one month after West’s divorce from Kim Kardashian was finalized. The couple, who share four children, separated due to “irreconcilable differences” after eight years of marriage. However, there had been speculation in the media regarding the status of Ye’s marriage with Kim after he publicly announced his support of Donald Trump and anti-abortion laws.

More controversy impacted the relationship after the rapper shared a tirade of antisemitic tweets, including that he was “going death con 3 ON JEWISH PEOPLE”. The tweets have been deleted, but West was dropped by fashion brands Balenciaga and Adidas, among others.

Many believe Bianca bears an uncanny resemblance to Kim. One person commented on X, “It’s wild how much she looks like Kim K.” This look-a-like drama is what has driven spectators to believe Ye is using skimpy and provocative outfits to shame and potentially abuse his new wife as a form of revenge on women and to gain a feeling of control.

Kim Kardashian at the Baby2Baby Annual Gala, November 12, 2022. (Shutterstock/ DFree)

Bianca’s Outfits

Before their relationship, Bianca Censori was a typically fashionable woman. She sported long brown hair, wore chic clothing, and smiled confidently in photos. Now, she is less than eager to be seen in the outfits it seems her husband has created for her. From the paparazzi shots and even the photos officially shared, it is clear she is not presenting herself as the vivacious, outgoing woman she used to be.

The most talked about outfit the head of architecture has worn so far is the infamous pillow in Italy. Pictured below, she can be seen timidly clutching the pillow and walking through the streets of Florence. This, with another skimpy, see-through ensembles, led to the couple being officially warned by Italy to adhere to public indecency laws. This occurred at the same time photographs were shared of the fashion designer’s bare bottom being exposed on a boat. Many believed they were engaging in inappropriate behavior in public. This further spurred viewers to call them out for their lewdness and disregard for other members of the public.

The model herself argues that Ye is not controlling her. Instead, she is the one behind the overly sexualized outfits. According to In Touch, a source revealed to them that Censori “is the one pulling all the strings.” They continue that she “is extremely intelligent…and beyond ambitious” and “absolutely loving” the attention that her outrageous ensembles garner. The rapper’s musical partner, Malik Yusef, also added to the debate, as reported in In Touch. He states that Bianca “makes her own decisions on how to dress.” That she and West “experiment together” with their fashion as “they have people worldwide watching them.”

Ye’s Input

Ye has also gone through a style evolution alongside his wife. Although, in comparison to Bianca, his is much more modest. When his model muse steps out, she is often borderline nude, while West is draped in capes, ponchos, and masks. The “God Breathed” rapper has always been known for his eccentric fashion, with him sporting fur coats and leather pants in 2011 during the hype of his and Jay Z’s Watch the Throne album.

At the 2019 Met Gala, he opted for a Dickies Jacket, while Kim wore a custom Mugler. It begs the question, however, if your clothes are becoming more subtle and low-key, why are your wives the opposite? A prime example can be seen below when the couple was caught in the rain. Ye’s clothing seems to be offering more protection from the elements than Bianca’s does.

The Yeezy creator has a history of dressing the women he is dating. Ex-wife Kim Kardashian explained how soon into their relationship, which began in 2012, West took over as her stylist. Seen in an episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, the “Gold Digger” singer told Kim she “had the worst style“.

This continued throughout their relationship, with the SKIMS creator becoming reliant on her husband, experiencing panic attacks at the thought of choosing an outfit without his approval. Even after their split, Kim found herself being judged by West.

On The Kardashians, it was revealed that after The Wall Street Journal Magazine Innovator Awards, Ye called to share his disdain for Kim’s outfit by comparing her to Marge Simpson and declaring her career over. Over time, the reality star has become braver and bolder in her outfits, stating that it’s “empowering” to make her own fashion choices.

Is It Abuse?

GLAMOUR Magazine reports how social media users fear for Bianca Censori’s well-being and Ye’s control over her. Many share the sentiment that “she needs rescuing”. GLAMOUR points out that a partner choosing how you dress is coercive control and a sign of potential domestic abuse. Emma-Louise Boynton, the creator of the Sex Talks podcast, detailed to GLAMOUR that “how we dress is an extension of ourselves”. To take away someone’s ability to choose their clothes, you take away their identity. While Alison Lowe MBE added that West’s input into Bianca’s fashion could relate to issues from “power dynamics, insecurity or possessiveness”.

While it’s important to understand the signs of domestic abuse and controlling behaviors, it’s hard to say what is really happening in their marriage. Both present the notion that they are happy. Perhaps they want to make headlines with their provocative fashion sense, knowing it will cause discussion online. However, if coercive control is being used, at least the couple knows that they are being watched.

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  1. Mary

    May 9, 2024 at 12:04 pm

    Nice research Sarah.

  2. Sam Beresford-Kay

    May 11, 2024 at 7:16 am

    Really interesting perspective, I hadn’t really even thought about the aspect of fashion being used abusively. Great read, going to look at all of Bianca’s outfits now! Thank you for another interesting read x

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