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What to Expect for the Newest Bring Me the Horizon Record

Can we expect Bring Me the Horizon’s 8th studio album to be released summer 2024? Here’s what we know so far.

Oli Sykes of Bring Me The Horizon performs at Leeds Festival, 2022 in Leeds, England. Credit: Katja Ogrin/Redferns

The British rock band, Bring Me the Horizon, have been teasing their newest record, POST HUMAN: NeX Gen since August of 2023. But recording delays and personal issues caused the record to continuously be pushed back. Now the band has announced for fans to expect a summer 2024 release with no other details. What does this mean for fans? This article will discuss what has already been released so far and what the band themselves have stated in regards to new music.  

While the cover art was released, along with vinyl and CD pre-orders available on the band’s website. Track lists and possible collaborators have not been formally announced. 

POST HUMAN: NeX Gen album cover by Alissic, from Bring Me the Horizon website, Sony Music UK. Credit: Alissic/Bring Me The Horizon: Sony Music UK.

The newest record is a follow-up record to the 2020 record POST HUMAN: SURVIVAL HORROR which had many collaborators, so fans can likely expect the same for POST HUMAN: NeX Gen.


Since 2021, the band has released singles that could be on this new record. Every single title has been stylized with different capital letters throughout the title of the song that mimics the record’s title stylization as well

The first single is “DiE4u” which was released in September of 2021. Following this single’s release the band also did a song for the video game “Gran Turismo 7” in January 2022. In July of 2022 the single “sTraNgeRs” was released.

The following summer of 2023 had two releases. “LosT” and “AmEN!” (feat. Lil Uzi Vert, Daryl Palumbo and Glassjaw) were released within two months of each other. In late October of 2023, “DArkSide” was released. In addition to these 2023 singles, Bring Me the Horizon also joined Fall Out Boy on the “So Much for (Tour) Dust” Tour for 26 North American tour dates. Then, in January of 2024 “Kool-Aid” dropped and has become the most recent single to date. 

All of these singles were accompanied by music videos that also featured the band. One of the main theories as to why fans believe these six singles will also be included on the newest record is because these music video storylines seemingly tie a larger story together. 

January Cardiff, UK Concert

On January 10th, the band played in Cardiff in the United Kingdom, unveiling new information, including songs, track titles, and collaborations. They used an interactive, almost AI-like robot projection. Generating a variety of tracks for frontman Oli Sykes to go through until the correct one was found. This created a better concert experience for the audience to directly interact with the band and the new music in real-time.

The TikTok video, provided by creator sashuke25, from the concert unveiled many unreleased tracks off of the new record, including 5 tracks with titles and collaborators. The first track is entitled “Scream.” Followed by “’Top 10 Status That Cried Blood’ ft. ???” The next was a song titled “Limousine.” Followed by a song called “’Bullet with My Names On’ ft. Underoath.” This is a long-awaited collaboration for fans since Underoath and Bring Me the Horizon’s careers have been fairly intertwined, having toured together in the past. The last track entitled “R.I.P.”

Following “R.I.P.” the correct track was played, where Oli Sykes got the crowd involved and recorded a few lines to possibly be on the final version of this unreleased track. 

Band Interviews 

In March of 2024, Bring Me the Horizon was nominated for a Brit Award for “Best Rock/Alternative Act.” Before the award ceremony, NME interviewed Oli Sykes and Matt Nicholls from the band about new music progress. 

Both were asked about the status of the new album since it has been talked about and fans have been waiting over a year for the record. Oli Sykes commented first that “it’s nearly finished, but it’s not finished,” followed by Matt Nicholls, who added that “it’s not quite finished, but it’s closer than it has ever been.”

This is not the first time the band has pushed back a record. The 2019 release Amo, was delayed two weeks. That is nothing compared to an almost a year long delay for this record cycle. However, fans can see that this is likely because the band wants to release the best possible record from start to finish.

Sykes then said, “every time we think we’ve got it, we get another song and it’s like ahh. But it’s gonna be really good though, it’s like the best album ever, so it’ll be worth the wait.” Nicholls ended the question with, “it does sound really good and we’re really happy with it, but it takes time and you can’t rush perfection.” 

You can watch more from the band in the full NME interview here:

The band ended up winning the Brit award they were nominated for that night. Further solidifying their skills and impact on rock and alternative music, both in the UK and globally.


Bring Me the Horizon have been known throughout their career to be innovative within their genre. Being able to foreshadow new trends before popularity. Being one of the first metal and hardcore groups in the early 2000’s to release an entirely separate record of remixes for their 2008 record Suicide Season. As well as in more recent songs and albums mixing pop and metal with rap and R&B influences and collaborators. 

As the band says, fans also anticipate POST HUMAN: NeX Gen to be one of the best Bring Me the Horizon records to date. While anticipation has been building for over a year, fans have not lost hope in the band or the music. The band has been building momentum for over two decades with a connected and dedicated fan base. Today, the band is getting more recognition than ever before in the mainstream light. With continuous touring they are working towards one of their best releases both creatively and charting to date. Right now, all fans can do is wait to see if a new single or album announcement comes with summer just around the corner, and like Nicholls said, “it takes time and you can’t rush perfection.”

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