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New Reservoir Dogs Video Game to be Released This Year

It’s bloodier than ever.

Featured Image Via: JoBlo

In celebration of the 25th anniversary since the debut of Reservoir Dogs, Lionsgate and Big Star games are partnering up to make a new game. Tarantino’s film is coming to life in the new game, Reservoir Dogs: Bloody Days. It’s a top-down shooter that features the six main characters: Mr Pink, Mr. Blue, Mr. Orange, Mr. Brown, Mr. Blonde, and Mr. White. The events of the game take place before the main heist in the film. However, there’s plenty of stabbing, killing, and looting going on in the game’s trailer. There’s also a ton of blood, as to be expected from Tarantino’s films.

Set for a release later this year, the game will be arriving on Steam and Xbox One. The game will have a feature that focuses on different characters for overlapping bursts of time. What this means is that the player most focus in on the strengths of each character to execute missions and heists. Hopefully the game executes action and gameplay because the last Reservoir Dog’s game scored poorly on IGN and Metacritic. Reservoir Dogs: Bloody Days could bring newbies and fans of the film closer to the action of perfecting a dangerous heist.

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