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Mexico Have Invented Clouds That Rain Tequila

Get me to Mexico right now…

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Mexico have invented clouds that rain tequila.

Yes, this is not a joke. Repeat, this is not a joke.

The Mexican Tourist Board have invented clouds that actually rain tequila, in an attempt to increase tourism in the country.

The cloud was initially installed at an art gallery in Berlin earlier this week, but has since returned home to Mexico.


So this was a cloud of tequila. I’m sold. #tequilacloud #urbanspree

A post shared by Alfie Vinten (@alfieinberlin) on Mar 9, 2017 at 12:14am PST


The system uses ultrasonic humidifiers that vibrate tequila, transforming it into a visible mist.

The mist then, in a plastic container, fuses with the vapour to make a cloud, which subsequently rains alcohol. Pretty technical, yet pretty amazing.

Visitors can then retrieve their tequila shot under the cloud. Scenes. I’d keep your eyes closed though during this storm of alcohol.

Just take a look at this remarkable invention and see the magic for yourself.

Very clever indeed!

What a holiday that would be though. Instead of getting your tequila shots in the traditional, boring, behind-the-bar way, try this out instead!

Who knew drinking would ever reach this phenomenal stage?

The Mexican Tourist Board get my vote for coolest tourism policy ever!

For another cool story, check this out!

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