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Jagermeister Launches Brand New Limited Jager Bath Bombs

You can now enjoy baths that smell just like Jagermeister!

Screenshot from @jagermeisteruk on Instagram

If you thought isolation couldn’t get any weirder, jägermeister just came up with something we didn’t know we needed until now!

With all the bars and clubs and non-essential stores being shut down indefinitely, jägermeister might have just come up with the solution.

The company introduced its brand new product, the limited edition jäger BATH bombs, on April 1st; and don’t worry it’s not a prank!

If you’re stuck at home, missing the wild nights out, and want to relive all the memories, you can simply drop a jäger bath bomb, which yes, does in fact smell just like the goodies themselves.

The bath bombs contain Jäger, of course, so you will smell the familiar aroma, and they also have the slight scent of sweet orange, cinnamon, and aniseed, with fruit, peppermint, and bay leaf oils too.

But there’s more, the bombs will turn your bath water green, as well. Just remember not to drink it!

Along with the bath bombs, the pack they come with also includes two 2cl bottles of Jägermeisters and 2 of the iconic jägermeister bandanas.

The pack retails for £9.99 and is being sold on their website.

As stated on their website: “ Whether you like drinking our herbal elixir or prefer a long soak in herbal essences, we’ve got your back… and pretty much everything else too. You’re welcome + contains Jägermeister, of course, but strictly not for consumption. + No animal testing… naturally.

Our in house test-meister, Pete, checked them out over a very stressful weekend (apparently)

“There are no nasties here.”

So whether you want to enjoy a home drink or draw a much-needed bath after a long working day, why not combine the two?

And speaking of beverages, while we’re all being responsible and self-isolating, we might as well learn how to make the best espresso from the comfort of our home!

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