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In Need of Big Bucks? Get a Rare Ooshie and Sell it for Thousands of Dollars

Woolworths and Disney join forces for a special new collection of Ooshie figurines!

Credit: Woolworths

“What in the world is an Ooshie?” you might be wondering. Well, I am here to enlighten you. 

An Ooshie is a mini figure of all of your favorite comic and cartoon characters like Superman, Darth Vader or the Joker. These collectables given out by Woolworths have been all the rage recently, as evidenced by parents wrestling over the toy sets for their kids. I exaggerate slightly. 

Credit: Woolworths

The adorable figurines come with any $30 or more purchase, in-store or online. The supermarket recently revealed a new collection set to be released this month; among the new batch will be four rare Disney+ Ooshies that’ll most likely be auctioned off for a ridiculous amount of money.

It’s what happened with The Lion King Ooshies that came out last year – the highly sought after Simba was sold for one hundred thousand dollars! Better keep an eye out for this year’s four rare Disney Ooshies: Elsa, Woody, Captain Marvel and the Mandalorian. No doubt fans will be dying to get their hands on these and won’t mind paying exorbitant prices to do it. 

Credit: Woolworths

Andrew Hicks, the Chief Marketing Officer of Woolworths, said in an interview: “We’re thrilled to offer a new level of excitement to Woolworths customers with some of the most iconic characters in the Disney+ universe.

“It’s been a difficult year as Australians navigate the challenges of the pandemic, so our goal by partnering with Disney once again is to bring more magic, surprise, and delight to our customers.”

Credit: Woolworths

The Disney+ Ooshie promotion will finish in October, or until stocks last. And don’t worry – they can be recycled at Woolworths until early next year. Another good piece of intel: we’ve been told shoppers have equal chances of getting the rare collectables. 

So really, you’ve got nothing to lose! Get your weekly groceries from Woolworths and you just might end up getting your hands on a toy worth $100,000.

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