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Hyperion’s New Hydrogen-Powered Car That Can Hit Speeds of 220mph

Believe in the hype, believe in Hyperion.

Image Credit: Hyperion

The new cutting edge space-age technology allows the futuristic vehicle to hit speeds of 220mph and travel more than 1,000 miles without having to refill the tank. She’s electric.

Completely thrashing Vanessa Carlton and The Proclaimers, this hydrogen-powered vehicle eradicates the need for walking ‘a thousand miles’ or to ‘walk 500 miles’ and ‘walk 500 more.’

A video showcasing the Hyperion XP-1 presents the various cutting edge features in action, as it fufills its need for speed in some sick footage presented below.

Video Credit Carscoops / Youtube

Special Features

  • The XP-1’s is fitted with V wing doors inspired by the “Winged Victory of Somothrace”. Woah.
  • Titanium carbon fibre chassis. Jeebus
  • Powered by a lightweight hydrogen propulsion system. Kachow.
  • It looks fresh

To top all of these features off (some of which I do not fully understand but it sounds impressive) the car is eco-friendly. Powered by hydrogen energy, meaning, it uses renewable sources and does not produce harmful emissions, rather, its electric fuel cells are rechargeable. Out of this world design and technology with that world helping finish.

Let’s Talk Price

Well, tricky, as a price has not been determined but I hear that spaceships are really affordable these days. A Tesla EV (Electric Vehicle) can be priced upward of around $66,990 so get your Depops stocked, ready for buyers to attack you for a £4 reduction on your Nike Jumpers, Hyperion will be taking orders for an intended release in 2022. Maybe you could challenge Elon Musk to a drag race in one of his many futuristic automobiles?

Be fast but not furious at this environmentally friendly land UFO. Don’t be shy, read some more on Elon Musk talking about brain implants.

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