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Combination Of Vodka And Redbull Leads To Bad Decisions

This is not a good mix…

Tim Nusog

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No one actually thinks Vodka Red Bulls are a good idea, but now there is scientific evidence for the bad decisions we make from drinking them.

Energy drink and alcohol is a combination that gets you drunk quick. However, would you drink them if you knew it would inhibit your ability to make good decisions? Research from scientists at the University of Portsmouth and the University of Santa Maria in Brazil shows us what happens.

They tested fish swimming in 4 different solutions. Swimming in water, a solution of alcohol, one of taurine (an ingredient of Red Bull) and one of both alcohol and taurine. The administered mixture reflected moderate intoxication in humans. It was found that the fish swimming in both substances together was more likely to go towards a fake predator fish. So individually, vodka and Red Bull won’t necessarily make you head for danger.

If you don’t want to get in a fight, we’d avoid this combination of drinks

Dr Matt Parker said: “The potent mix compounds the effects of heavy drinking. Increases the risk of fighting, violence, and participation in risky behaviours.” Therefore, you might want to give this combination a miss. We can’t tell you what to drink, but always be careful!

Want to avoid a hangover too? Read here to see which alcohol causes the worst one!

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