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Check Out This Mesmerizing ‘Jumanji’ Board Game Replica

Absolutely stunning.

Images via: Steve Richter, Imgur

Ever since its release in 1995, ‘Jumanji’ has captured the imagination of so many viewers.

One fan in particular—sculptor Steve Richter—puts his imagination and skill on full display with this wooden replica that pays homage to the classic adventure film.

Richter’s detailed model is nearly identical to the magical game board from the film. Here are some of the close-ups:

The interior is just as vivid, especially with the iconic instructions and warnings written in on the sides.

Richter also uploaded a time lapse video to document his progress. Check it out below:

Unfortunately, Richter’s model is not for sale, but you can purchase the small animal game pieces on his Etsy page.

For more wood-related art, take a look at this psychedelic tree trunk music video.

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