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Awesome Lego Model of Nike’s Latest Runner – The VaporMax!

So dope.

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Now this is cool!

Nike has just released their latest running shoe: the Nike Air VaporMax. The sole of the shoe is made up of 39,000 components, so it’s more complex than a car engine! And it actually works like an engine. Andreas Harlow, VP and Creative Director of Footwear Design for Nike Running, had this to say: ‘Previous Air Max models treated the Air bag more like a mattress under the foot. The VaporMax turns the concept into more of an engine, with the Air functioning like pistons along the sole, providing support and flexibility where runners need it most.’

To celebrate the official release of the VaporMax, on Air Max Day, 2017, which was held on 26 March, Tom Yoo, who is an artist from Los Angeles, decided to create a model of the shoe in Lego. He’s done similar work in the past, creating models of the Air Jordan 9, Air Jordan 5 as well as the Nike MAG.

What really impressed me, as Yoo described the making of this model was his technical precision and the depth of his creative process. He invested so much thought and energy in developing the work. This guy is so cool! He’s an artist, a sneakerhead, a tech guru and a Lego genius! Check out his instagram account and website for more of his work.

For more about Nike’s awesome Air Max series, check out These Are The Top Ten Air Max Releases Of All Time.

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