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How to Maintain Your Sex Life Confidence in Your 20s

Talking about sex has only become the norm due to people accepting it is okay to discuss sex.

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Sex can be an infamous topic among those in this world. Talking about sex has only become the norm due to people accepting it is okay to discuss sex. Sex is not a bad thing it can be very healthy for the body.

This taboo topic can also be confusing in your 20s to early 30s especially based on expectations or experiences. Being sexual can be fun and liberating for all genders. Just when it comes to sex, you have to make sure, you’re confident. Here’s a guide for those who are trying to upgrade their sex lifestyle in confidence.   

Most people when they are having second thoughts or insecurities about themselves, especially on sexuality, look on Google. They go do research and try to find answers through blogs or tips. Sometimes those tips help but can also be overwhelming for an individual who is learning about sex or doesn’t know much about sexual conversations. This taboo topic is a very important factor in life. As taboo as the topic of sex can be, it’s imperative to understand how it can affect our lives. Heretofore we even entertain in the deed, artistic, familial, and psychological aspects influence our perspective and connection with sex, whether we want it or not. It can determine whether to prevent or allow us to have beneficial sexual self-esteem once we do choose to do it.

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Don’t Get Overwhelm By Comparing

Have zero expectations. Don’t get emotionally attached. Do put yourself out there, do be confident, do take chances, do read up on dating guides. It is always best to go look it up.

Surprisingly, sexually confident individuals are deemed to be more sexually active and have a whole list of things that they do. This doesn’t mean that they don’t go through research or have negative thoughts. One must think about quantity with quality. Individuals are supposed to have the special sexual confidence that makes them be them. Sexual is a motion that is in the consciousness. Most sexually confident individuals can fully experience things because they are self-conscious. They are okay with knowing there will be rejected and fail. They enjoy everything to the fullest knowing that they will be errors along the way. Many people speak of sexual confidence practically as if it were some type of exotic potion, enjoyed only by a fortuitous few. 

Man listening to music. Body positivity. Image by Casts of Thousands/Shuttershock

Live in Your Truth

Sexual confidence comes with knowing yourself and your body. Individuals must understand their own true selves and self-esteem. People can sometimes struggle with sexual confidence due to their lack of acceptance of who they are. Feelings are an important role that involves sexual relationships whether it’s romantic or platonic. One of the best ways to sexual confidence is knowing what you like and don’t like in the bedroom. Most people wait until it actually comes time to do sex but that’s not the best idea. Understanding what you dislike and like, can help boost your confidence the more relaxed you are.  Although, also being completely honest and comfortable with yourself is a huge key factor. Do not apologize for it either because your sexuality is rooted in understanding yourself and yourself intimately. Thus, builds your self-worth, self-confidence, and healthy sex life.

Red lipstick on the banana concept for oral sex . Image via ECOSY/Shuttershock

Lastly, Explore Your Exotic Interests 

Everyone knows when learning about anything, you have to get to know what that thing is. Whether it’s for romantic, one night, platonic, or a sneaky link, it’s important to deep dive into those interests you like. Living in your truth by exposing those feelings factors can help showcase those interests. Especially when you don’t have to worry about another individual, you can focus all your energy on yourself. This helps a person be able to focus on themselves on a personal intimate level of understanding of what pleasure is. Pleasure is solely for you and your partner but it must start within yourself. You have to understand and discover what works best for you and what doesn’t work for you. Especially for the body which is a delicate, individual unique aspect in sex for everyone.

One must think about everything that reflects and feelings toward their body. They have to understand the root of where they lack confidence and understand why they feel ashamed. Whether this is multiple questions to ask oneself, it’s important to know. This can be very much a ride if uncomfortable, an insecure wave of feelings of the body that can an individual uncover to boost their self-confidence.  Questions like 

  • Are there certain parts of your body you’d prefer to be touched?
  •  Are there ways your body responds to certain techniques better than others?
  •  Do you prefer to use your hands or vibrators? 
  • What positions do you like the most?
Set of sex toys for BDSM Play. Image via Shutterstock/AIDragan.

Sexual confidence is based loosely on sexual desires and self-confidence. While uncovering your sexual desires and building your sexual confidence might feel like a never-ending labor, don’t worry about that aspect. Always recall being patient with yourself. And of course, everything must have consent, you’ll be able to discover your narrative, likes, and requirements when it comes to sex. Make sure to express the journey you’re going on with your partner(s) who you trust.  Stay open and inquisitive during this time as well because you might discover something new along the way. Humans can change what they and I dislike daily. Nothing is always going to go perfectly when it comes to sex yet it can be fun. As long as nobody is pressured to do things they don’t want to do, then everything should work in each party’s favor. And remember, you and your body always come first.

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