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Why are Gen-Z Obsessed with Astrology Right Now?

Astrology is definitely legitimate… I’m such a Leo!

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Astrology has recently become one of the more prominent trends in pop culture, with TikTok being one of the leading apps for its growth. However, it is often debated as a ‘legitimate’ belief system, as it is based on celestial bodies and space.

Despite this, it is one of the leading trends, not only of this year but for a while. Astrology has grown from its roots in The Middle East and has embedded itself into society.

Whilst the concept of star alignment affecting how you act as a person can seem quite confusing, it can be a fun topic to learn about and share with friends. From astrological predictions to ‘What bread you are based on your star sign’, it is undeniable that astrology is one of the biggest trends of the decade. So, what has caused the surge of popularity for Astrology more recently?

Astrology zodiac signs inside of horoscope circle. Credits: Shutterstock/ PeachShutterstock


Astrology is a huge part of self-identification for those who choose to follow it. The star signs determine how and why individuals act in certain manners, express how they feel, and interact with the world. In times of uncertainty, people will often turn to astrology as a way of creating positive reinforcement for themselves. Believing in something bigger can be a form of self-care for many people.

Knowing and understanding zodiac signs helps lots of people gain insight into themselves. It is a good way to become more spiritual, and understand the energy and people you attract into your life, and who you are compatible with some people even choose their romantic partners based on their zodiac signs when they really get into it!

Whilst astrology lacks the legitimacy of other, more traditional beliefs or religions, it is still a widely known and followed subject. This may be a contribution to its popularity on social media and other outlets, as it is open to everyone and is easy to pick up.


Another possible cause of the surge in the popularity of astrology is its inclusive nature. For those who want to believe in something bigger than themselves, but don’t think of themselves as religious, astrology is a great starting point. It offers guidance and teachings, without having the strictness of a more traditional religion. It is something that can be tailored to the individual and can be picked up whenever.

Furthermore, it is open to be followed by anyone, regardless of gender, sexuality, religion- or any personal factor. In a world where inclusivity is one of the most important factors in any scenario, this is where its popularity may come from.


The rise of astrology can also come down to the fact that it is a fun thing to follow and learn about. For many, it is more of a hobby, as you learn about yourself, and how to analyze others and the world around you. And with other apps such as Co-Star becoming more mainstream, its easier than ever to develop knowledge about your own and your friend’s horoscopes.

Furthermore, astrology is a great topic for creating jokes, memes and skits with- which is one of the many ways astrology became popular on Tiktok and Instagram.

For those who follow astrology, sharing jokes and videos about the zodiac signs can be a fun way to bond and create friendships with others of similar interests.

Targeted Shopping

I’m sure everyone has seen the rise of astrological-themed clothes, accessories, and decorations within the past few years. In most department and high street shops, you can find loads of targeted items towards the zodiac signs, which is extremely popular with Gen-Z.

According to an article by Fanbytes, 58% of Gen-Z are willing to pay for products that are targeted towards their specific personalities, which says is all about our obsession with our various personalities…

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