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Finger Lickin’ Fragrance: KFC Launches ‘No.11 Eau De BBQ’ Perfume

KFC is launching its first-ever perfume. The scent, ‘No. 11 Eau de BBQ’, matches the aroma of their new BBQ chicken burger.

KFC's new perfume, No.11 Eau De BBQ. Credit: KFC UK&I
(Credit: KFC)

KFC is launching its first-ever perfume. The scent, ‘No. 11 Eau de BBQ’, matches the aroma and flavors of their new BBQ chicken burger.

After mastering fried chicken and sandwiches, KFC is entering the fragrance sector. The fast food restaurant recently announced the release of its new perfume, No. 11 Eau de BBQ.

The new aroma is “a limited-edition perfume with smoky wood and charcoal notes that embodies the essence of a classic BBQ experience.” according to the official KFC UK & I website.

The perfume is only available for preorders online, selling for a reasonable 11 pounds or $13 U.S. dollars. As of now, the stock is sold out. However, customers will get a second chance to order the tantalizing aroma with a second drop commencing May 7th.

All proceeds will then go to the KFC Foundation, which helps mentor and support young people.

KFC's new perfume and chicken sandwich. Credit: KFC UK&I
Credit: KFC UK&I

Flavor Revolution

KFC’s new fragrance isn’t the only thing on the market; they’ve also revealed a mouth-watering new BBQ chicken burger.

The Ultimate BBQ burger consists of the Original chicken recipe, cheese, lettuce, crispy onions, and tangy barbecue sauce on a brioche-style bun.

I think everyone’s mouth just watered simultaneously.

KFC UK&I’s Brand Manager, Phoebe Syms, is proud of their new offerings and confident the products will make KFC fans happy.

“At KFC, we’re all about thinking outside the (burger) box, so, naturally, when we created a burger so irresistible, we had to bottle it! Behold, No 11 Eau de BBQ, capturing the mouth-watering scent of our brand-new Ultimate BBQ burger, which allows you to sizzle with every spritz. This one is for the real die-hard KFC and BBQ fans because who said fragrance can’t also be finger lickin’ good?

The Ultimate BBQ burger will be available until June 9th.

No. 11 Eau De BBQ. Credit: KFC Uk&I
Credit: KFC UK&I

A Recipe for Success

KFC’s new perfume may seem like an outlandish business venture; however, this is not the first time it or other corporations have experimented with such marketing strategies.

In 2022, Tesla founder Elon Musk released a perfume with the scent of burnt hair. The bottles ran for $100 a piece, and Musk claimed he sold over ten thousand bottles in 24 hours.

The perfume went on to make over $2 million.

These kinds of marketing methods are well-known to many professionals in the field. I had a quick conversation with Reilly Newman, founder of Motif Brands and well-known brand strategist, to ask just how impactful these methods are.

“I believe it’s a clever marketing strategy that leverages the outlandish approach to “perfume” to promote their new sandwich. The perfume gets attention and headlines while it coincidentally promotes the new sandwich via association. We have seen brands like Tesla, Taco Bell, SouthWest, Red Bull and others pull off similar stunts.

Overall revenue may see a bump from the increased attention and further top of mind, while the long term benefits of being seen as funny, relevant, and bold may make the brand much more appealing to consumers.”

Reilly Newman, Founder of Motif Brands

Ultimately, KFC’s new, deliciously scented perfume may provide a bigger platform for the fast food chain to promote its brand while continuing to explore the ins and outs of innovative marketing strategies.

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