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James Bond Inspired Floating Pod Now Available for Travel

You don’t need to be an international spy to feel like you’re in a Bond film.

007 Anthenea Pod
Image from Anthenea

Making 007 Proud

Anthénea is a 540-square-foot pod that is now available for rent or purchase on the coast of Brittany, France. Although steep in price and targeted toward more wealthy individuals, $336 per night, or $536,000 for purchase, this investment is unbeatable.

Architect, Jean-Michel Ducancelle, based his design off of a pod in James Bond film, The Spy Who Loved Me. Inspired by the air of class and extravagance in the film, the design of the pod mirrors those ideals.

The layout is circular shaped to emphasize 360-degree nature-filled views no matter where you are in the pod. It is categorized into three different living spaces; the bedroom, the living room, and the observation deck where travelers can enjoy their morning martini (…shaken, not stirred) with a view of a turquoise sea.

Image from Anthenea

There are even fiberglass windows at the bottom of the pod (in the bedroom area) so customers can catch a glimpse of the coral reefs below, teeming with multi-colored ocean-life or watch their family member take a dive.

Image from Anthenea

It’s Sustainable!

As if it couldn’t get any better, the Anthénea pod is almost completely eco-friendly!

According to the official Anthenea: Alcove By the Sea website, the pod is;

“Mobile, unsinkable and autonomous, without underwater foundations, Anthenea is simply set on water and respects the eco-system. This floating pod equipped with solar cells is self-sufficient, and all wastes are treated aboard, only clear water is rejected.”

Alpha Gestion, Anthenea
Image from Anthenea

Being 100% electric and ecologically responsible, this form of travel and stay will finally branch away from consumerism based excursions, into a more ethical way for people to sightsee. Since they emphasize sustainability, I hope that these pods revolutionize the hotel industry, becoming a model for what our future could be.

If you would like to learn more about eco-friendly travel opportunities, click here.

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