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‘Cat Island’ is a Real Place in Japan That People Can Visit

A visitor to cat island in Japan gets a a visit by hundreds of cats on the island.

Credit- Youtube/impressed cat video

I’m not jealous, you are. 

Aoshima is a small Japanese Island home to hundreds of cats which outnumber the handful of residents six to one. Although not the only cat island to exist, Aoshima has recently become very popular online, with visitors from all over the world swarming the small fishing island. 

The island is actually only one mile long, therefore making it easy for a visitor to feel surrounded by felines. There are multiple different breeds of cats that freely roam the island, all friendly and completely used to people. Unfortunately, many members of the elderly community have died recently, leading many to believe the cat ratio is now actually 36:1!

Credit- Youtube/impressed cat video

The cats themselves have actually recently become youtube sensations, with videos of their antics going viral. Not to mention they are absolutely adorable, as long as you don’t touch their food. Watch below as they get fed their breakfast by a visitor. 

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