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TikTok Trend Sleeping With Tape Deemed Dangerous As It Spreads 

TikTokers would tape their mouths shut when they fall asleep, which is supposed to help them avoid breathing through their mouths.

The Popular TikTok trend is causing an uproar due to the dangerous harm of “mouth tapping”.

Social media is known for its popular trends and features almost every day. Sometimes new trends pop up and go viral as more people do them. TikTok is the biggest platform that is known for creating trends across the world. Directions can be ranged from simple to extreme on TikTok.However, these trends can become extremely popular yet dangerous to the world once done.

Earlier this year, a new trend started to cause an uproar of debates. The latest trend is called “Mouth Tapping”. Many people on social media probably heard of this trend or not. Kids these days are talking about the benefits of mouth-tapping. TikTok would tape their mouths shut when they fall asleep, which is supposed to help them avoid breathing through their mouths. 

The popular trend has been spreading worldwide as people start to question why individuals would want to tape their mouths. It is supposed to help you not snore and control your oral hygiene. Oral hygiene has made huge trends among people, especially those who sleep with their mouths open. This can be shown to have many benefits for oral hygiene, yet it can also affect your health.

mouth tapping
Mouth tapping. Image via Lolostock(Shuttershock)

TikTok doctors warn individuals about how the trend can harm their health. Mouth tapping can cause no benefits in sleeping but apnoea. Sleep apnoea is a condition that can be a potentially serious sleep disorder in which breathing repeatedly stops and starts if you snore loudly and even feel tired after a whole night of sleep.

However, a study was conducted into the effects of mouth taping that found doing it could cause “mouth puffing”. Mouth puffing is when a person is just breathing in and out of the sides of their mouth. 

mouth tapping
TikToker mouth taping . Image via Youtube(The Project)

The proper way to do mouth taping is not to cover your mouth (whole) horizontally as if you’re a kidnapped victim. It shouldn’t block your whole airway. The strip of tape goes vertical on your mouth to keep ut shit but not completely stop it. Sadly, this is still considered mouth puffing which is dangerous.

Mouth taping is not the first TikTok trend to end up attracting warnings over being a dangerous health risk to the world. TikTok is known for its wildly new form videos of movements, yet some trends can become so popular to stupidly tricky. TikTok influencers tried to do a chicken and NightQuil by cooking NightQuil liquid as a sauce with chicken. Some Tik Tok got sick because That medicine is a sleep-inducing liquid to help sick people sleep well at night. Experts always warn influencers not to do specific trends that are “stupidly dangerous”. Then there was the frozen honey trend of eating large amounts of sugar.

As this trend continues to grow, experts will have to express more on how trends are hazardous to the general public. Others can only hope that TikTok will start to watch these trends closely. 

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