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Sniffing Sneakers is Now a Real Job You Can Get Paid For

Are you interested in sniffing these expensive kicks?

Credit: BBC News / YouTube

The online e-commerce website eBay is known for selling just about anything, and highly sought-after sneakers are definitely included in that category. From Nike Dunk Lows to Yeezy Boosts, this site can find you just about any beloved shoe. On June 11th, eBay launched the ‘Authenticity Guarantee,’ which partners with Sneaker Con, to ensure buyers that they are getting the real-deal, and one of the steps in confirming a shoe’s authenticity is giving it a good sniff!

Check out the video below for a look into the authenticity process.

Wow, they really mean business! It’s a relief to see the effort and process that goes into confirming the authenticity of an online luxury purchase. Does this look like a fun job to you? Being around rare and high-end shoes all day would have its perks.

The recent launch of the ‘Authenticity Guarantee’ for eBay Europe has been huge, with the head, Rob Hattrell, explaining

This move to launch Authenticity Guarantee in the UK is a big one. We have seen sneakers become an asset class for many – a new way of storing your money as they grow in value over time. 

We want enthusiasts to know eBay’s got their back when they are looking to invest in sneakers and we’re here to help sellers build their businesses.

Alan Vinogradov, the co-founder of Sneaker Con, includes:

We were founded by sneakerheads, for sneakerheads, so partnering with eBay comes naturally considering our mutual rich history in servicing the sneakerhead community. We’re excited to take our authentication skills and expertise to the UK to help power eBay’s Authenticity Guarantee for sneakers.

Does this process make you feel more certain when you check eBay for a luxury shoe? Check out eBay for a great selection of luxury sneakers! If you found this article interesting, read this one on Vanessa Bryant speaking out against Nike for the alleged release of unauthorized ‘Mambacita’ shoes. 

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