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For Those Pros in the Gym and the Bedroom, Nike Condoms are Now a Thing

‘Just do it’ in style.

Image Credit: Nike

This new product has got you covered. Nike has teamed up with Hypermarkt to bring forward Nike Performax Condoms. The German-based company is offering a range of products that help the most intimate and boring functions of everyday life, but with a sports brand twist.

Sports companies, such as Nike, Puma, and Adidas have been taking over the high-fashion world over the last few years. Some of the most influential celebrities of our generation can be spotted wearing casual sportswear, instantly making it fashionable. Most recently, Kim Kardashian West said she wore 9 different Yeezy outfits, supporting her husband’s latest venture with Adidas. Therefore, it is not hard to see where the creative thinking for this product came from.

With hyper-sexualised celebrities always wearing their sports gear, they need protection to match. Right?

These condoms are advertised as “Lightweight, Comfortable, Safe” as well as “easier to put on and more comfortable to wear”. Despite the unusual brand and product match, the advertising assures that the quality of the product has not faltered. Hypermarkt was set up this year and has already hit the ground running with one-of-a-kind items. They are also offering Nike plastic bags, Reebok plasters, and Puma washing up liquid. They say “We aim to produce your essential need for your daily lives with the collaborations of functionality and design.”

However, running for a limited time only, the $20 3-condom set is now sold out. We can only hope that Hypermarkt does another run or stuns us with more things we never thought we needed.

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