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Power to the Podcast: 5 Inspiring Podcasts That Will Change Your Life

Looking for some much-needed motivation?

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Business and self-help podcasts can motivate you along your journey to self-improvement. These podcasts are popular amongst young professionals, students, and aspiring entrepreneurs.

With the popularity and number of podcasts on the rise, it is becoming increasingly difficult to know which ones are actually worth listening to. The podcasts featured in this article are all guaranteed to inspire and motivate, often with heartwarming elements and a touch of light-hearted comedy.

1. Ted Talks Daily

You may have heard of the Ted Talks YouTube channel, but did you know they also have a podcast? Similarly to the YouTube channel, the podcast comes in easily digestible 10-25 minute-long episodes. Each episode contains a speaker talking about a particular topic, with topics ranging from ‘Why Fun is the Secret to a Healthier Life’ to ‘How to Write Less but Say More’. The episodes are always educational and informative, providing advice for self-improvement from people with personal experience.

2. Goes Without Saying

It goes without saying that if you’re looking for a self-help podcast that will also make you laugh, Sephy and Wing’s podcast is for you. The podcast involves two twenty-something best friends talking about topics that are central to the lives of young people. Their discussions range from talking about toxic friendships and issues of self-doubt to debating which brand of beans is the best (Heinz vs. Branston’s?) Their podcast is the perfect mix of lighthearted fun and nuanced explorations into important issues.

3. Diary of a CEO

Entrepreneur Steven Bartlett’s Diary of a CEO is paving the way for business podcasts. In each episode he interviews a fellow entrepreneur, with guests ranging from high-profile figures such as Matt Hancock and Karren Brady to world-leading therapists and the founder of BrewDog. What sets this podcast apart from other interview-style shows is that there is no agenda, so his guests are always very honest and vulnerable with him. Plus, he interviews some pretty inspiring people, so you’re bound to come away from his podcast feeling motivated. Even if you don’t know the guest, all of his interviewees have something worthwhile to share.

4. Happy Place by Fearne Cotton

This is another self-help podcast in which Fearne Cotton focuses on how to cultivate healthy mindsets, look after your mental health, and carry out well-deserved acts of self-care. As much as maximising productivity and ‘hustling’ are important in our fast-paced world, this podcast reinforces the importance of taking a step back. In each episode Fearne Cotton interviews public figures such as Denise Van Outen, Johnny Marr, and Dr Alex George, delving into the challenges they have faced in their careers, and learning how they deal with the pressures of work and the public eye.

5. Call Her Daddy

Lastly, Alex Cooper’s Call Her Daddy podcast is inspiring and empowering women all over the world. Her most popular episodes are her interviews with famous women, who have all been the targets of misogynistic media attacks, or villainized by the public eye. Her guests range from model Emily Ratajkowski to former porn star Mia Khalifa, to Selling Sunset’s superstar-turned-supervillain Christine Quinn. Alex Cooper gives voice to these women who have been wrongly outcasted by the media, allowing them to tell their stories which are sometimes heartbreaking, but always inspiring. Alex’s transparent and upfront style also makes for some scandalous, raw and hilariously funny conversations.

So there we have it! Five podcasts that will help you along your journey to self-improvement, all in very different ways. Whether you’re looking for entrepreneurial progression, or a reminder to look after your mental health, there is something for everyone here. All are available to listen on Spotify, or your podcast provider of choice.

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