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This Burger King World Cup Campaign Has Raised A Lot Of Questions

Free burgers, anyone?

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Even if you aren’t a football fan, you have to admit that it is extremely hard not to get caught up in the World Cup hype, and it looks like Russia have started an extremely unusual campaign to try and improve their national team for the future.

With the World Cup, and possibly football in general, history has told us that it is mostly men that are interested (however in recent years there has been an fantastic increase in females watching and competing in the sport), but now Burger King in Russia have decided to try and start a campaign to encourage more females to join the bandwagon of the World Cup, in a pretty strange way. The Burger King social media post below states that any women who gets impregnated by a player competing in the World Cup will be rewarded with a lifetime of free burgers from the fast-food chain.

Apparently the idea is to pass on great football genes so that the Russian national team will only improve and become a stronger suit for future competitions. This is an extraordinary campaign that definitely raised many eyebrows, but from what we know about Russia, are you really surprised?

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However, in a very unsurprising plot twist, Burger King have been forced to remove the advert and have apologised, stating that ‘it does not reflect our brand or our values and we are taking steps to ensure this type of activity does not happen again.’ Maybe this was an unhappy employee leaving their mark? Or maybe, it was a seriously unconsidered joke? Either way, it is a great example of an extremely bad marketing campaign, which has now joined a long list of similar disasters.

Did you know, we might be getting DINOSAURS back?

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