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Chicken Nuggets Finally On The Menu For McDonald’s Breakfast

Not since Szechuan sauce has there been a more pressing matter.

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Finally. Our prayers have been answered. Chips, burgers, and Chicken McNuggets have been added to McDonald’s breakfast menu.

So, I’m sure most people know the problem that’s been plaguing McDonald’s. For whatever reason, the fast food company decided that people want Egg McMuffin’s in the morning. I mean, sure. They’re okay. But are they Chicken McNugget quality? I think most sane folks can agree, they absolutely are not.

Therefore, someone at McDonald’s finally realised they needed listen to sense. After all, what would people do without their perfectly unhealthy start to the day?

McDonald’s has officially made the ‘All Day Favourites’ menu which will be available before 10:30am. This means Big Macs, Cheeseburgers, Chicken McNuggets, French Fries, Quarter Pounders etc. Which is exactly the way it should be.

McDonald's Breakfast

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However, there is a slight catch. Unfortunately, this is still in the trial run phase. And that trial run is happening in Australia.

Not only do they have better weather, they have better McDonald’s too. Whatever Australia. Hope you find a friggin’ tarantula in your Big Mac.

Though perhaps my bitterness is uncalled for. It’s pretty much just a waiting game at this point. If it turns out to be successful Down Under (which it will) there’s nothing to worry about. This new breakfast menu will come crawling to the UK eventually. You’ll see.

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