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Billy’s Donut Shop Goes Viral After His Billy’s Tweet

A son tweeted about his dad’s new donut shop to promote it, which resulted in the shop having a full sell out of all their donuts. 

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What are having children for? For them to expand your local shop into a vast empire overnight with one tweet.

Recently in Missouri City, Texas, a young guy tweeted about his dad’s new donut shop, Billy’s Donuts (he even proudly named the shop after his precious son!), that opened but unluckily was not doing so well. The lack of customers was making Billy’s dad pretty sad, which prompted Billy to take a few photos of the empty donut shop with his dad sullenly standing behind his counter of unsold donuts. With a large variety from glazed to a few colorful ones, Billy turned to Twitter for help by posting the photos with a short caption saying “my dad is sad cause no one is coming to his new donut shop :’(“. The one tweet received around 700,000 likes and 300,000 retweets and also grabbed the attention of famous stars like James Wood and Youtuber, Casey Neistat. The stars brought even more attention to the donut shop resulting in people going out in the area, so they can buy the donuts.

Billy’s donut shop was soon filled with bustling and eager customers and their glass cases of donuts were completely empty and sold out. Billy’s donuts were on top of updating all the supporters and followers with a heart-warming post of Billy’s dad smiling with his son thanking everyone that came out to support the shop and that Billy’s dad is no longer sad anymore. Hooray! All is good in the world now since Billy’s father is no longer sad and his donut shop is thriving.

Stories like this warm my heart and restore my faith in humanity. Social media has always been a controversial subject to the list of pros and cons that contradict one another, but it’s always been the center of attention when it comes to cyber-bullying and being used negatively. There has always been an artificial aspect to it due to the constant edits people put their photos through and individuals writing nasty comments towards one another hiding behind the screens. However, to see social media being used in a positive way encourages me to believe that people are capable of coming together, so they can work towards a specific cause. It also refreshing to see that people are using their social media power behind the screens to write nice and encouraging comments rather than rude and unkind ones. Moments like this serve as a reminder that people in today’s society has not lost their empathy for others fully. That there’s still some good left in all of us, so there’s hope! Social media doesn’t need to be artificial, but rather something genuine and sincere.

Twitter’s always been known to be the social media platform that travels the quickest since the refresh button always pulls up new headlines and trends every time it’s clicked, which is why I believe the tweet did so well. The tweet gained so much popularity in a short amount of time because tweeters were retweeting it causing it to been seen multiple different follower audiences. As a modern social media user, I understand the power of social media and how it can be used effectively, which is why it was incredibly strategic for Billy to use it to good use. He understood the exposure his tweet could potentially get, which is why I would like to say, good thinking Billy!

Plus, who wouldn’t want to retweet it especially when they know an excited dad opened up his own donut shop only to be faced with no customers? Twitter users would not want their own parents to be sad after opening up something that sentimentally means something, which is why they were able to emotionally relate to the son, Billy of wanting to help out his father the most he can. As a daughter, I can’t stand when my parents are upset because I empathetically understand their emotions, so I get sad. I completely understand where Billy’s intentions came from and am so happy that it worked out for both him and his dad. I truly hope the donut shop continues to become well-known and the donuts sell out on a daily basis and most importantly, Billy’s dad continues to have the bright smile on his face.

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