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The Album Made for the Summer: NewJeans’ ‘Get Up’

Are you looking for an album to bring with you for a day out this summer? Something fun and upbeat? Look no further than New Jeans’ ‘Get Up!’

NewJeans as their Powerpuff Girl personas.

If you’ve been on TikTok for the past couple of years, you’re familiar with NewJeans, the K-pop girl group signed to HYBE, the same label that signed BTS. NewJeans gained a lot of attention and success from their songs “Attention,” “Hype Boy,” and “OMG,” and the dance trends that accompanied the songs on TikTok. The group has followed the success of these songs and their first EP ‘New Jeans’ with their latest album ‘Get Up.’ ‘Get Up’ is the perfect album to listen to this summer while going out with friends. 

In fact, the group and their label prepared the album exactly for such an occasion. Following the release of ‘Get Up’ on July 21st, HYBE released the album’s physical copy and fans have been obsessing over the packaging. One of the album’s versions is packaged in a cute beach bag. The bag comes in three different versions, pink, blue, and white, and carries small items. But the packaging isn’t the only thing that screams summer. The songs on the album itself are upbeat and scream, “Let’s go out and have fun.” 


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♬ ASAP – NewJeans

New Jeans

‘Get Up’ opens with the song “New Jeans.” NewJeans sings about how this is a “new me” and that they’re switching it up with something fresh and new. Out of all the songs on the album, this has been my favorite with an absolutely catchy chorus. 

New hair, new tee

NewJeans, do you see?

New hair, new tee

NewJeans, do you see?


The music video for “New Jeans” is also one of my favorites out of the music videos released by NewJeans. It’s very popular among fans as well. The music video begins with the girls talking about what superpowers they would have. What follows is a multimedia video filled with different animation styles and references to the Powerpuff Girls. It shows behind-the-scenes shots of certain animated shots while also showing the NewJeans members as their own Powerpuff Girls. It’s a super creative project and immediately caught my attention. 

Fans have also pointed out that “New Jeans” sounds like it sampled the intro of the PowerPuffGirls TV show. 

Super Shy

The next song on ‘Get Up’ is “Super Shy.” In the song, NewJeans sings about feeling shy around the people they like and being too nervous to talk to them. Once again, the song has a super catchy chorus where the girls sing, “I’m super shy, super shy, but wait a minute while I make you mine, make you mine.” The chorus is so catchy that it’s become a popular audio on TikTok. 

The music video for “Super Shy” is colorful and energetic. It mainly focuses on NewJeans and backup dancers dancing in gorgeous weather in various locations. While I enjoyed the cartoonishness of “New Jeans” a bit more, I still appreciate the energy of “Super Shy” and its colorful shots. The music video’s saturated in bright colors and offers an amazing choreography that fans can learn and recreate. 


Fans anticipated the release of  “ETA,” the third song on ‘Get Up’ due to the promotional post released on NewJeans’ Instagram. On June 25th, NewJeans posted a Reel to their Instagram account teasing the release of their music video for the song “ETA.” The video showed a car driving down a dark road as a sample of “ETA” played in the background. In the corner of the video, it stated that “ETA” would be starring NewJeans, Eva, Mikel, and Maria.

Although many fans believed that “ETA” was an acronym for “estimated time of arrival,” some fans began to speculate that “ETA” stood for something else. Fans pointed out that “ETA” was also an acronym for a Spanish terrorist group and that Mikel and Maria were the names of leaders of the group. Fans wondered what direction the music video would take and were boycotting the song. However, when the music video was released, it was hard to see a connection to the terrorist group. 

The song itself is about NewJeans warning someone that their boyfriend is talking to other people and that they should leave him. The music video is full of shots of the girls dancing at a pool party while a man talks to a woman who isn’t his girlfriend. NewJeans wants to know the girlfriend’s estimated time of arrival. Out of all the songs on the album, it’s one of my least favorites, but I think it’s a great song to dance to. 

Cool With You and Get Up

“Cool With You” and “Get Up” both have a more mellow sound and take the album in a calmer direction. While “Cool With You” is still more fast-tempo, it has less energy than the previous songs. Still, it’s another one of my favorites. The music video for the song includes two different versions, side A and side B. Both versions follow the story of the unnamed protagonist played by the actress Jung HoYeon who’s invisible to the man she’s fallen in love with. Side B continues the story introduced in side A and concludes with the song “Get Up.”


‘Get Up’ concludes with the song “ASAP,” my second favorite song in the entire album. It’s a song urging the people that NewJeans likes to hurry up and be with them. Like most of their songs, “ASAP” is incredibly catchy, an instant earworm. The girls repeat “tik tok tik tok tik tok” and soon you’ll be repeating the same thing. NewJeans and their label do an amazing job of creating upbeat, fast-tempo songs that you can listen to anywhere. They created ‘Get Up’ specifically for the summer, but I’ll be listening to it throughout the rest of the year. 

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Isó is a second-year student studying creative writing and screenwriting at The University of Iowa. They love dressing up to go nowhere, listening to ghost stories, and taking pictures of their cats.

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