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(G)I-DLE’s ‘I feel’ Mini Album Review

(G)I-DLE’s I feel is the perfect album to listen to all summer. I know I’ll be listening to it on repeat and rewatching all the music videos.


May 15th, I had the day marked on my calendar with a pink glitter gel pen. It would be the day that K-pop girl group, (G)I-DLE, released their sixth mini-album I feel, which I refused to miss. This comeback promised to show the girls having fun together, wearing cute clothes, and going out to parties. Perfect for the summer. I was super excited. 

Prior to the release of the mini-album, (G)I-DLE posted a series of videos to their YouTube account and a collection of posts to their Instagram teasing the character that each member would play in this comeback. Miyeon would act as a “princess,” a loveable influencer wishing for real connections. Minnie would play a gym trainer obsessed with working out and looking good to escape loneliness. Yuqi and Shuhua act as best friends, an inseparable pair who enjoy having a good time with one another. Finally, Soyeon acts as a relatable character who doesn’t feel as pretty or cool as all the other members but wants to be just like them. 

Along with the introduction of characters, (G)I-DLE also introduced a storyline that would accompany their album and music videos. This storyline was teased in their “Spoiler Alert: [I feel]” series where each member was given a highlight video to introduce their characters. Finally, on May 15th, I feel was released, and I’ve been listening to it on repeat ever since. 


The mini-album opens with the title track, “Queencard.” In the song, (G)I-DLE celebrates their confidence and beauty. Lyrically, the song is a little goofy. It’s supposed to be something fun, something light, something you can listen to while getting ready with friends. This pairs perfectly with the upbeat, fast-temp music. Ultimately, the song encourages listeners to be confident in themselves and to just have fun as themselves. Embody the energy of a queen, like the queen in a deck of cards. 

Wearing whatever girl, queencard card card

Thin or thick girl, queencard card card

Full of confidence girl, queencard card card


The music video for “Queencard” is the second music video to be released for the music video. It continues the storyline introduced in the first music video, “Allergy,” and concludes with Soyeon becoming friends with the other members who see her as cool and fun to be around even though she thought she wasn’t cute or cool. In the first music video, viewers were left on a cliffhanger, wondering if she would get plastic surgery to make herself fit into societal standards. However, in the music video for “Queencard,” Soyeon finds confidence within herself and doesn’t go through with the surgery. Overall, the music video is fun and shows (G)I-DLE partying, dancing, and dressing up. 


Another fun and upbeat song follows “Queencard,” but rather than speaking to feeling confident, “Allergy” speaks to our moments of doubt. The song expresses common insecurities that young people have like wanting to be someone else, to be cooler, and to be liked by people. It’s more relatable than “Queencard” with lyrics like “today’s teens seem more mature than I am, MZ #hastag, what the y2k The world goes round without me.” The song also makes many references that young adults would be familiar with like “Hype Boy,” NewJeans‘ song that was popular on TikTok for a while.

Why ain’t I pretty?

Why ain’t I lovely?

Why ain’t I sexy?

Why am I me?

Love me love me love me love me love me, want

Love me love me love me love me love me, want

She so pretty

Yea so lovely

She got everything

 Why am I not her?

-Zaty Farhani/YouTube

The music video for “Allergy” was the first music video released by (G)I-DLE. It introduced the girls as their new characters and the storyline that “Queencard” would later continue. In “Allergy,” Miyeon and her boyfriend break up, causing insecurity. Minnie ends up dating Miyeon’s ex, and while this could be a point of conflict between the girls, in “Queencard,” it’s revealed that Miyeon has no problem being friends with Minnie. Yuqi and Shuhua work at a clothing store and go out with Miyeon to help her through the breakup. Meanwhile, Soyeon deals with her insecurity of not feeling cool enough or pretty enough. The music video ends with her going in for plastic surgery. 


The mini-album takes a darker turn with the song “Lucid” where (G)I-DLE sings about liking somebody and wanting to be with them and just have fun. Listening to the album in order, I was immediately struck by the darker energy of “Lucid” and how it slowed down the album. Hands down, this is my favorite track from the entire album. 

The entire album is about the different feelings that we have. “Queencard” explored feelings of confidence and “Allergy” talked about feeling insecure. “Lucid” seems to be about feeling in love, or feeling seductive. The song is super catchy, and in my opinion, it’s been the one song I listen to the most out of all the songs on the mini-album. 

“All Night”

“All Night” is about wanting to party all night and having fun. It’s about not needing anybody to have fun. (G)I-DLE sings about feeling wild and wanting to have fun. It’s another darker song compared to “Queencard” and “Allergy,” with a lot of guitars, but not dark in the same way that “Lucid” is. “All Night” is edgier and cutthroat. It’s for when you need the confidence to explore something new by yourself.

My play that is natural

Woo we’re here to get in

Even if we go somewhere unfamiliar, walk my way

Rather than pretending to be anything but me,

Gonna lose myself

-Zaty Farhani/YouTube


(G)I-DLE slows the album down once again with “Paradise” where the group sings about finding “paradise” in someone else. The girls feel in love and feel safe with the person they sing about. It’s a beautiful song and my second favorite song off of the album because of how dreamy it is. The group members’ voices and their emotions seem to be the center of the song rather than the music itself.

You’re my paradise, 

My own paradise,

Every time I look into those angel eyes

– Zaty Farhani/YouTube

“Peter Pan”

I feel ends with the song “Peter Pan.” “Peter Pan” is raw and includes a simpler instrumental with an acoustic guitar. Lyrically, this is my favorite song. (G)I-DLE sings about feelings that arise while growing up like wanting to delay growing up and coming to terms with who you are now that you’re older. The song is a perfect way to close the mini-album which did an amazing job of capturing the different feelings that young people feel, especially in our current times. 

I feel is a perfect song for the summer and it came out at the perfect time. I’m excited for the performances that will come out of this era for (G)I-DLE and I know that I’ll definitely be buying tickets to see them in concert. 

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Isó is a second-year student studying creative writing and screenwriting at The University of Iowa. They love dressing up to go nowhere, listening to ghost stories, and taking pictures of their cats.

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