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WATCH: YouTuber Voices as Elderly Woman While Deleting Scammer’s Files

Guy disguises his voices as elder and upsets scammer by deleting all their files.

Credit: YouTube/Scammer Payback

Ever had a suspicious call from a scammer? This guy holds a full conversation with them and makes them think they’re successfully scamming him.

Sometimes, those phone calls related to identity theft can sound alarmingly real. The phone says, you owe money or you can potentially receive a great amount of money. Either way, these scam calls are mostly made towards elderly individuals.

Elders are most targeted for many reasons. One reason is due to the will of listening. All in all, these fraudulent acts are far from being okay, and that’s where this guy comes in.

His name is Pierogi. He streams full conversations with scammers as he poses as older individuals. His most popular voice character is Vivian Rogers. Also, he deletes all the files the scammer holds once they connect to his computer.

Unbelievable, right? The Scammer Payback guy does this to bring awareness of fraud. He does so through a fun and humorous presentation.

Hopefully, you learn a thing or two about scammers. See how these bitcoin scammers hacked Twitter accounts that include celebrities.

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