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Beyond Science Fiction: The Raelian Movement’s Cloning Claims and Alien Connections

Dive into the enigmatic world of the Raëlian Movement and Clonaid, exploring the controversial claims of human cloning and the mysterious figure of Raël.

The Raëlian Movement: A Group Combining Science Fiction and Reality

In a world where the boundaries of science fiction and reality often blur, the Raëlian Movement stands as a testament to humanity’s quest for the extraordinary.

At the heart of this controversial UFO religion lies a claim that challenges our deepest beliefs about modern science: successful human cloning.

French journalist and test race car driver Claude Vorilhon found his true calling and renamed himself Raël in the 1970s. Today, he leads his followers through the mysteries of a movement that promises eternal life through technology and science. But at what cost?

Raël, accompanied by his wife, Sophie, and another member of the Order of Angels, from their appearance in a Playboy magazine feature. (Photo courtesy of Playboy Magazine)

The Origin: Alien Encounters and Divine Missions

In the 1970s, amidst an abundance of UFO sightings in France, Raël submitted his unique report. His story told of an alien approaching him, one of the “Elohim” (Hebrew for deities). Apparently, this alien informed Raël (then-Claude) of his relation to his half-brother, Jesus Christ. Claude learned that they had scientifically created all of humanity, including himself as the final prophet, Raël.

“Spirituality is like a realm of stuff that we can’t really be certain about, right?” said cult survivor, acupuncturist, hypnotherapist, and life coach Dr. Kim Peirano, DACM, LAc during our interview. “Nobody knows what happens when you die. We don’t know what the purpose of life is… Someone comes along very certain like ‘I know what happens here’ or ‘what you need to do to have this outcome,’ it becomes really attractive.”

Quickly, Raël began writing books of his space explorations to spread the message of our alleged extraterrestrial creators.

Clonaid Controversy and Legal Battles

Raël and Dr. Brigitte Boisselier appearing at their Congressional Hearing at the White House. (Image credit: Netflix)

Clonaid was a company founded by Raël, however, the Pope disavowed cloning. As a response, Raël created the LLC as nothing beyond a postal address in The Bahamas. Yet, Dr. Brigitte Boisselier claims to have brought the project to life by cloning an Israeli baby.

The Raëlian Movement flew under-the-radar until December 2002. This was when Clonaid President, Brigitte Boisselier made an announcement that shocked the world.

“I am very pleased to announce that the first baby clone was born […] She’s fine… We call her Eve, between us.”

Dr. Boisselier

Clonaid faced scrutiny and legal challenges, especially after failing to provide proof of Eve’s existence. ABC News Science Editor Michael Guillen was assigned to independently validate Eve. Clonaid withdrew the collaboration behind the guise of protecting the baby.

The possibility of this group practicing human cloning concerned world leaders. So much so that, Raël and Boisselier were invited to testify in front of Congress. Ultimately, the pair provided no evidence.

A former Raëlian spent 50 years in the group and constructed the West Virginia laboratory. He claims in the docuseries “Raël: The Alien Prophet” that he never witnessed Boisselier performing any operations. Nonetheless, Thomas Kaenzig, a Raëlian spokesperson and the vice president of Clonaid, insists that Eve among other clones thrive.


Kid Buu Speaks On ‘Human Cloning’.. 😳👀

♬ Mysterious – Andreas Scherren
Rapper Kid Buu Speaking about Bridgette and Clonaid

The Enigmatic Figure of Raël and the Future of the Movement

Kanye West tweets a controversial image featuring a swastika inside the Star of David, sparking debates on symbolism and intent. #YE24 #LOVEEVERYONE #LOVESPEECH

Raël’s knowledge of Boisselier’s cloning ventures remains a mystery, despite his testimony in Washington D.C. that Eve’s existence is a scientific advancement.

The Raëlian Movement continues to provoke discussion due to notable figures sharing the emblem.

Elon Musk was made an Honorary Guide for Humanity by the Raëlian Movement and Kanye West shared the logo. Though West’s awareness of the emblem’s origin is questioned.

byu/GameCreeper from discussion

“The Star of David represents infinity in space and the Swastika infinity in time […] Our official symbol is love and can be found around the planet in countless cultures and scriptures, namely also on the Tibetan Book of the Dead. The swastika symbol itself has been a symbol of peace and auspiciousness for millennia and is a religious symbol for the billions of Hindus, Buddhists, Raëlians, and others”


A Quest for Meaning in a Mysterious Universe

The Raëlian Movement’s far-out claims and leader, Raël embody how far people will go in the human quest for understanding and transcendence.

“The beliefs have to be controversial,” Kaenzig said in our interview. “A prophet is counter-culture. If everything is going well, there’s not much reason to send a prophet, but that’s why every prophet was attacked at the time he was alive… Many died violently, right?”

The ongoing story of the Raëlians reminds us of humanity’s persistent journey to find meaning in a universe that is still as enigmatic and unfathomable as the claims of its prophets.

Raël, an alleged cloning device and members of the Order of Angels, as featured in a 2004 Playboy magazine spread. (Photo courtesy of Playboy Magazine)

Fun Facts About Raël and the Raëlian Movement

  • Teenage Bride: At 16, Sophie married Raël with her mother’s approval. She joined the Order of Angels, akin to “nuns,” dedicating her life to service and reserving her sexuality for Raël and the Elohim, indicated by her feather colors.
  • Divine Relations: Raël claims the Elohim have revealed him as Jesus Christ’s half-brother.
  • Legal Avoidance: Clonaid President Dr. Brigitte Boisselier stays out of France, dodging the country’s severe penalties for public cloning endorsement, which can lead to a seven-year prison sentence.
  • A New Home: Raël, with a new wife and a reformed Order of Angels, preaches in Japan, amid rumors that he may avoid public appearances in America or France indefinitely.
  • Expansion in Africa: The Raëlian Movement’s influence is growing, especially in Africa, where an Ivorian leader proclaims direct contact with the Elohim.

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