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Watch This Shark Swim Frighteningly Close To Shore

Scary or what?

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From childhood, many of us harbour a fear of sharks, and there is not enough money in the world to persuade us to approach them. By contrast, in this video, the Pearson Brothers take on the challenge to proceed towards a Great White Shark.

The eight minute long video was captured in Baja Ca, Mexico, in a remote area with no phone service, and an hour away from any form of services. This was not enough to deter Dale Pearson. The video depicts him wading into the water to check out the situation. His motto, ‘Holy Shit’, seems very apt.

The shark was seen to have two wounds from the propeller of a boat along its spine. Whilst it was initially feared that these would be mortal injuries, the shark was seen around the area for the next two days.

The video initially created some controversy, with people critiquing the brothers for not aiding the injured shark. The brothers have since taken to social media to share that they had sent the footage to Science professionals in Great White research, who determined that the injuries were unlikely to be mortal. The scientists also thought that the shark was in the shallows hunting sting rays to build up its reserves. Dale Pearson also reiterates that any attempt to have helped the shark would have been foolish and potentially deadly to those who tried.

In addition to the presence of the Great White, all three men present in the water that day were stung by sting rays. This video alone is enough to put you off the sea for life.

Do you want to be terrified by what a healthy Great White can accomplish? Check out this video of one jumping into a boat.

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