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Beautiful Moment a Horse Sees Grass for First Time in Two Years

A horse discovers the feeling of freedom.

Equestrian Maija Vance freed her horse, Sam, into a big grass field for the first time since he was a baby. Sam spent two years living in a city building until he was released into an open space where he belonged.

Sam is living a life full of freedom and movement now along with a couple other of Vance’s horses. Horses are generally sociable animals, so keeping them confined to individual stables may not meet their social and mental needs. It is easy for horses to feel distressed whenever they are isolated due to the lack of social interaction.

Luckily for Sam, he can thrive and enjoy the space of an open field of grass. However, free range is not always better since some horses are happier when restricted or controlled. When nurtured by a human, they learn to trust and surrender to them, which fuels their cooperation. Judging by this video, Sam is in good hands!

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