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WATCH: News Presenter Gets Lit And Gets A Piercing Live On Air


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A CNN presenter got Turnt for New Years.

All around the world places celebrate New Year differently. But a country that always goes all out, has to be the USA and leading the celebrations this year was CNN news reader Don Lemon.

The Presenter, as time slipped away towards midnight also slipped away from soberness after consuming copious amounts of tequila, live on air. Legend.

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But as well all know, Tequila can make anyone emotional at the best of times. Yep, Don Lemon live on TV goes on to declare he’s ‘ready for a relationship’ in 2017 before being cut off by CNN for declaring ‘2016 was awful’. We feel you Lemon, we feel you.


However, this was not all the drunk presenter had in store for the evening.

Picture your mums worst nightmare; that’s right, their child getting a piercing, drunk and live on TV. Naughty step for you Don Lemon.


Why a piercing you say? We don’t know, but we loved it. Maybe we should be like Don Lemon in 2017; make bad decisions but have a hell of a good time doing it.

Thanks to Don Lemon for making the last moments of a shitty 2016 a little brighter… and drunker.

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