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WATCH: Inmates Escape From Prison And Film Their Lives Outside Jail

The great escape.

Some prison inmates decided it would be pretty cool to film their escape from prison. Little did they know that such a video would inevitably get them captured as well.

A phone video shows how three inmates escaped from Central Men’s Jail in Santa Ana, California earlier this year. In fact, they look pretty proud of themselves after succeeding in their escape.

The video shows the three inmates  shimmying into a vent and crawling through plumbing shafts in order to escape. Very “The Shawshank Redemption” in my opinion!

The inmates shot the footage on a contraband cellphone. However, the video doesn’t show how they got off the roof. Officials said the inmates used a rope of bed linens to get off the roof.


The video also includes several photos that the three men took during their week on the run. The first thing they decided to do after escaping is go to the beach and take photos. The beach photos also include a cabbie who they allegedly took hostage and forced to drive them to San Francisco.

In other photos, they pose in front of the Haight-Ashbury intersection. The video ends with two of the inmates smoking marijuana in the back of a van. The police have captured all three men.

Sounds like the escapees weren’t great at covering up their tracks!

If you’re into happy prison release stories, check out this article on O.J. Simpson who was offered a job at Nevada brothel upon his release.

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