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WATCH: Some Dude Named Kyle Does The Worst Stand-Up Comedy On Mushrooms

Kyle’s had one too many mushrooms.

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It’s just some random dude on mushrooms with an opener about Blockbuster. You can tell the mushrooms are giving this guy a drunken man’s confidence, but his delivery when it comes to jokes is awful. He struts up to the stage like some kind of pro wrestler, brags about doing mushrooms, and then later says “Fuck Blockbuster” and “Uber’s awesome.” This is the kind of guy I wouldn’t want to take home as an Uber driver.

This guy really is as mean and pissed off–not to mention the crazy hairdo–as Blanka from Street Fighter. The resemblance is uncanny, especially with all that hair.

Blanka from Street Fighter. Who wore it better, Kyle or the OG? Credits: Bing Images.

Kind of unexpected from a person doing hallucinogenic drugs to behave this way. Maybe he was just a drunken looney, after all, he does say to one of the guys at the table, “What’s up girl?”

Poor Jeremiah Watkins felt the full fury of Blanka as he tried to snag his saxophone. However, Kyle was quickly one hit KO’d after he got too aggressive. There’s no room for jerks nowadays, especially in comedy.

Check out another jerk getting what he deserved in this crazy Burger King video.

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