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WATCH: American Weather Man’s Hilarious Rant During The Forecast

A very fed up weather presenter!

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Us Brits are famous for our endless complaints about the weather but it would seem we aren’t the only ones who like to rant about the cold temperatures and rainy days.

Garry Frank, a weatherman for Fox 17 in America has taken presenting the weather to a new level.

In a hilarious rant, the presenter vents his frustration over the daily complaints he receives about the forecast by arguing back with the news presenters.

Expressing the fact the current bad weather in parts of America is not his fault, Garry flaps his arms around asking his co-presenters if they’d prefer him to just lie to them to make them happy.

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And we can hardly blame him, after all he is only there to deliver the bad news…

Check out the hilarious video below!

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Check out how this weather girl made her forecast a little more interesting!

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