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VIDEO: To Ski Or Not To Ski… The Great Wall of China

Is there anything this guy won’t ski?

Reckless daredevil or athletic genius? Professional freeride skier Candide Thovex has recently proven that snow is for ammeters by successfully skiing down the Great Wall Of China. Thovex’s latest short film entitled #SkiTheWorld features visits to some of the world’s most well-known destinations. 

As a three-time X Games gold medalist, Thovex is a daredevil. Traveling from the Northern Lights to an Active Volcano, filming season has certainly been exciting. 

Additionally, two days after its release, Thovex’s expedition down the Great Wall already has 988,000 views on YouTube. Currently, it claims a position in the top 10 trending videos. However, Thovex’s impressive athleticism is no new revelation; In fact, Trill covered a previous free-skiing video by Thorvex in 2018. 

Beyond providing exciting streaming content, Thovex has popularized freeride skiing as a mainstream sport. Normally, freeride skiing utilizes naturally occurring snow terrain. However, Thovex has taken freeriding to a whole new level, negating snow all together. 

Candide Thovex reaches top heights and high speeds as he races down the Great Wall.

In particular, skiing down the Great Wall of China was a risky venture for Thovex. Despite his extensive training, Thovex had to navigate sharp turns and countless staircases. Also, about a third of the Great Wall has deteriorated or disappeared all together. Natural erosion and damage from hoards of tourists are the primary detrimental factors.

As the public waits to see where Thovex skis next, his social presence will undoubtedly increase. In the meantime, check out his previous adventures, all snow-free of course.  

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