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VIDEO: Pivet Madkilla Defies Gravity With His Street Workout

Insane strength.

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Do you need some extra motivation to help you get started on your daily workout?

Well, Pivet Madkilla’s street workout using mainly calisthenics will get you up and running in no time. Watch the video down below to find out just how superhuman he can be!

Madkilla, also known as Vitor Nogueira, has just the right amount of physical strength and balance to show off his sick moves.

Whether at the playground, gym or escalator, Madkilla seems to be intensely working out anywhere and everywhere. One scene even shows him doing push-ups while carrying a fire extinguisher on his back! That’s just crazy.

Gosh, I wish I was as flexible and motivated as him! Oh well, I guess he’s just talented to begin with. However, this compilation of Madkilla’s street workout routine should be just the right motivation you need to go to the gym!

But if you’re like me and prefer a gym class on sleeping instead, you should check out this video on nap-ercises!

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