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VIDEO: The Force is Hilarious in New Bad Lip Reading

It’s back with a new take on Star Wars.

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Bad Lip Reading features Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back in a new music video with Yoda that should have been in the OG films. Everyone’s favorite Grand Master of the Jedi Order returns with great dance moves, lyrics, and a stellar video.

Yoda strikes back in the latest installment of Bad Lip Reading with his mastery over lyricism. BLR has released numerous bad lip readings about Star Wars. However, instead of creating a vague story they decided to break out into song with this one. Skywalker even chimes in and calls his master a “Psycho wiener.”

Bad Lip Reading: An Online Institution of Hysterics

These YouTube videos continue to grow in popularity. BLR has covered everything from Star Wars, Walking Dead, and the 2016 Presidential Debate. If you thought the presidential debates this year were hilarious, then imagine Trump making animal sounds into the microphone instead of saying, “Wrong!”

Courtesy of YouTube, Bad Lip Reading.
Courtesy of YouTube.

BLR does an excellent job at putting words into other people’s mouths. Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton finally put on a decent performance in this debate, all thanks to BLR. People are sick of hearing about politics at this point, but Trump’s finally speaking coherent thoughts for once.

If you enjoyed Yoda breaking it down with Skywalker, check out Bernie Sanders getting some BLR love.

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