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Thomas The Tank Is Coming For Tony Hawk’s Job

Toy Thomas the Tank Shocks Audiences With Sick Tricks.

Photo via Shock Mansion

They’re two, they’re four, they’re six, they skate?!

Thomas the Tank Engine has been taking the internet by storm in his latest show of skills. A new viral video sees the Tank Engine using his tracks for more than what the Fat Controller asked for. Showing off some sick tricks fit for a pro.

Image Via

5MadMovieMakers filmed their children’s toys performing flips and tricks using the iPhone SE. It’s filmed at 20fps optimising it’s awesomeness and show off the precision.

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Thomas’s list of trick includes kick flips, summersaults and hoop jumps. Increasing the train’s likability.  Most of us know the lovable train from the children’s show, Thomas and Friends. This video brings the railway adventures back to a now much older audience. Thomas performs his best tricks with his friend who appears to be the train Lady.

5MadMovieMakers have said that the toy is not powered in any way other than natural momentum. The video has generated close to 4 million views on youtube and remained on the rending list for almost fives days, which is impressive without the tricks. Although this means that maybe Thomas could give pro skater Tony Hawk a run for his money.

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