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This South Korean Beatboxer Has Some MAD Skills


This beatboxer will blow you away. There’s a lot of crazy sh*t going on in the moment. Most of it being political turmoil, outrageous racism or the fact that we’re 4 months off 2018 (I mean seriously, WTF have I even achieved this year?!). But it’s always good when you see something that surprises you in a good way and makes you think damn, this world has some pretty impressive people.

This South Korean beatboxer does not disappoint. When you thought the world was out of wacky surprises, this guy has come along to show you otherwise. It’s always nice to see people who have talents, because, well… I can’t relate. This young beatbox sensation will BLOW your mind!

This video has got the lad entry to the Asia Beatbox Championship of 2017. It would be a big surprise if this guy didn’t go far in the competition. Listening to him, it’s crazy to think that he’s making all of those sounds himself. The entire time I was fully convinced there must have been some kind of backing track. But nope. It’s all him.

He calls himself ‘Bigman’. This may seem ironic, as the kid isn’t exactly intimidating in terms of size. But what he lacks in stature, he makes up for in talent and rhythm. His hair cut is a little questionable though.

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