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Golden Retriever Retrieves Drowning Baby Deer In Long Island

The next Disney movie.

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In a world of bleak hopelessness and diminishing faith in humanity, don’t we need a little positivity? Like, say, a golden retriever diving into the Long Island Sound to save a drowning baby deer. 

Meet Storm, the adorable English Cream Golden Retriever who saved the life of a baby deer last weekend. The amazing rescue video itself, which you can watch here, was posted to Facebook by Mark Freeley. The local attorney and volunteer animal rescuer should be proud of his wonderfully heroic pup! In the video, Storm pulls the baby deer to shore, then scampers after and plops down, sniffing to (presumably) to make sure the little one is okay.

Storm2 the golden retriever

Speaking of water, check out the world’s deepest (anxiety-inducing) pool!

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