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WATCH: Family Replicates Disney Matterhorn Ride In Their Backyard

Theme park fans bring the fun to their home.

Credit: Magictecture / Youtube
These guys can enjoy the timeless rollercoaster from the comfort of their own home.

Disneyland’s Matterhorn Bobsleds ride is a true icon of the park in California. The two intertwining coasters, which were built all the way back in 1959, are modelled on the Matterhorn, an alpine mountain that sits between Italy and Switzerland.

Taking this inspiration, Magictecture have created Matterhorn – Alpine Escape. Although it’s a much smaller ode to the real thing, they’ve done a pretty incredible job.

Magictecture / Youtube

Rocky Replica

For us, it’s the detail on this ride that makes it really impressive. They’ve achieved the same effect of snowy peaks that you’ll find on the Matterhorn ride, and there’s even a waterfall feature down one side of the mountainous terrain. 

The wooden tracks are also a nice touch, and whilst the small one-man car doesn’t quite resemble a bobsled, we’ll forgive them, considering how well they’ve constructed the rest.

The panoramic shots in the video reveal of the coaster give a great sense of the structure’s proportions. It’s been built just a few feet away from the house, too, meaning that the creators can hop in and out whenever they feel like it.

If you were having a rough start to the day, we reckon that would cheer you up pretty quick.

In other rollercoaster news, a park in Dubai is developing a John Wick-themed ride.

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