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You Can Now Buy The Real-Life ‘Mad Max: Fury Road’ Cars

Have you ever wanted to floor it on the highway in the War Rig? How about host a concert for your friends in The Doof Wagon?

Warner Bros / Lloyd's Classic Car Auctions

With everything going on in the world, it can sometimes feel like we’re on the verge of an apocalypse – which is why now’s the perfect time to snag your ride from ‘Mad Max: Fury Road’. 

Don your War Boy face paint, for you are awaited in Valhalla, where you’ll ride eternal, shiny and chrome. On September 25th and 26th, 13 iconic vehicles from this cult classic movie will be auctioned off online from Australia.

This viral September 9th tweet from Luke Beard brought attention to the upcoming auction.

Beard is right in saying there would be a thrill in pulling up to Target in the War Rig. Even being stuck in traffic with the Gigahorse wouldn’t be so bad.

Lloyds Classic Car Auctions, the company auctioning the vehicles, embraced the post-apocalyptic cult aesthetic when writing the description for the cars on their website. Check out this one for The Doof Wagon:

“Every army has a little drummer boy, to keep the beat and stir the heart, and the War Boys of the Wasteland are no exception. Here, mounted drummers pound a taiko beat on huge resonators built of aircon duct, while Coma The Doof Warrior, blind and disfigured, slung in a web of bungy and spread-eagled before a stack of speakers, hurtles across the desert landscape on a repurposed 8 x 8 M.A.N. missile-carrier. The wail of the banshee, the distorted lick and demented, driving bass, the call to arms and the baying for blood, all music to the ears and grist to the mill, a symphony, a song, a single scream, the soundtrack to the end of civilization.
But we go out dancing…”

All of the cars have intense descriptions like this, matching the manic energy of the movie. Witness some of the rigs in action in the following clip. The previously mentioned Doof Wagon can be seen from timestamps 0:21 – 0:41.

Lloyds Classic Car Auctions is selling the Mad Max vehicles as a part of their Grand CARmada event, advertised as a 2-day spring carnival. Other featured auctions being held during that September weekend include “everything from pinballs, classic cars, number one build motor vehicles, man cave memorabilia … arguably Australia’s best Ford Falcon Phase III and internationally renowned racecars, plus many more amazing auctions.”

The events will be hosted online so everyone around the world can tune into the festivities, so if you’re ready to rev it up for the Immortan Joe: stay tuned.

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