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VIDEO: Would You Jump On A Trampoline Full Of Mousetraps?


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What happens if you try out mousetraps on people, instead of mouses?

Well, you’ll be shocked and disappointed at the same time. Shocked because some people actually wanted to try this out. And disappointed since the result will not meet your expectations.

Watch the video and find out!

The Slow Mo Guys is a YouTube channel with 9 million subscribers. The founders, Gav and Dan, started the channel in 2010 with the aim of taking on the world in slow motion.

They shoot all of their videos in HD using high-speed cinema cameras. However, their most recent one which involved a trampoline, 1000 mousetraps and one guy, seems like their most ambitious venture.

Gav and Dan spent four hours setting up the mousetraps on the trampoline. Every time the mousetraps would go off due to too much movement, they would have to start the process all over again.

Once the victim jumped onto the trampoline, the sight was definitely visually appealing to watch. All the mousetraps start to go off from the outer edges to the inner circle.

Now I’m not much of a masochist. However, I was kind of disappointed to see that the guy wasn’t harmed by the mousetraps at all.

After all the building up of suspense, the victim seemed to have escaped without a scratch. He only complained about the mousetrap stuck to his hair, but otherwise he seemed perfectly unharmed.

However, if you’re into more painful stuff, check out this article about horrifying experiments of humans in Unit 731!

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