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Surprise Your Loved Ones This Christmas with…Wait for it…KFC Scented Candles?!

Have a finger-lickin’ Christmas.

Have a finger-lickin’ Christmas.

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Yep. You heard it right. KFC Scented candles are now a thing. Is this wonderful or really tragic? 

KFC have officially come out with fried-chicken scented candles. Now we’re all guilty of dishing out a few too many scented candles as Christmas gifts, but now we can really add a special touch. Forget about cinnamon, vanilla and rose scents. Why have your living room smell like a meadow when it could smell like a fast-food restaurant?

I suppose maybe for couples whose first date was at KFC, this might be a nice gift idea (but seriously, who would have their first date at KFC…) I suppose this elegant candle could apply to anyone, I mean anyone who says they don’t love fried chicken is a liar.

Although there may be a downfall to this majestic creation… it will make everyone ravenous for fried chicken! That delicious scent will be like torture, and it’s not like we don’t all consume enough unhealthy foods over the Christmas period…without a scented candle tricking us into wanting to buy KFC. We’re onto you, KFC.

Unfortunately, the candle is currently only available through entering a competition in New Zealand in which applicants have to suggest merchandise they’d like to see created. Hopefully, in the near future this item will be brought to the UK so we can all be overwhelmed by the scent of greasy fast food all the time. Mmmmmm. Seriously though, I’d buy it.

If you’ve got fast food on your mind- read here about this 8000 CALORIE ‘palma-kebab’ that requires signing a waiver before eating!

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