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Stupidity At An All-Time High: Vaping TidePods

What next?!

Photo by E-Liquids UK on Unsplash

So I’m sure you have all heard of this heinous and stupid new trend of eating Tidepods. Yes, you heard that correctly. People are eating laundry detergent for fun. But something stupider has been brewing, and it has now become a reality. People have now begun to vape Tidepods.

Don’t even ask me how one could possibly think this was a good idea. Laundry detergent is the farthest thing from edible, with horse shit taking a close second. Tide had to intervene due to people’s stupidity, sending out this tweet to remind everybody what laundry detergent is for.

But some see this as a challenge. Can’t you just hear that dude Kevin from your Marketing class saying, “Dude. They said that EATING a Tidepod may be a bad idea, but they didn’t say anything about vaping!” So, low and behold, vaping Tidepods is a new trend that has begun.

Yes, I repeat: people are breathing the soap that cleans their clothes that smell of their sweat into their lungs. In what world does that seem like a good idea?

The fact that the people who vape and eat Tidepods are the same species as the man who painted the Sistine Chapel baffles me. Hopefully the world will go through some sort of Renaissance soon, and eating or vaping Tidepods will become illegal. But for now, just don’t be an idiot.

Stop vaping Tidepods, stop eating Tidepods, stop anything with Tidepods. Just buy normal detergent if they are that tempting. Or, use them to clean your close like a normal human being. Stop being weird and eating them. It’s not a good look for anyone.

Inspired to try eating actual food instead of soap? Check out this turkey dinner to remind yourself that edible food will always reign supreme.

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