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Strongbow Releases Huge Dark Fruit Cider Keg

Brining the saying “I’m just having one” to a whole new level.


The much loved Strongbow cider is kicking off the warmer months with the re-release of their famed Dark Fruits flavor – in the form of a massive keg.

The company first mentioned the idea in a passing Twitter post, as seen below;

A bit strange to gossip about upcoming products on the day people are meant to spend loved-up with their significant other, but hey.

Keeping the official release date hushed, we’re reassured that Strongbow will be hosting a whole horde of their more traditional ciders, for those who haven’t yet realized how much better Dark Fruits is. Set to hit all major UK supermarkets (even those in Northern Ireland), we’re set to make 2018 our year – with armfuls of kegs in our midst.

Perfect for the upcoming warmer months (and end of exam parties, which I’m sure is the real reason they’ve decided to release it soon), we anticipate a Summer filled with hot weather, barbecues – and kids drinking from the kegs with straws.

If you liked this post, make sure to check out our post on how drinking alcohol could actually make you smarter. Pros of big kegs, I guess?

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