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Russian Company ‘Hoversurf’ Unveil First Commercial Hover Bike

Don’t try this at home…

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Russian company ‘Hoversurf’ have unveiled the first commercial hover bike.

‘The Scorpion 3’ has been released by the powerful and innovative Russian company.

The single-seated aircraft combines a motorcycle seat with quad-copter drone technology. This extremely unique electric-powered vehicle is definitely an interesting design!


It will allow both amateurs and professionals to take flight, however we would suggest you watch this video before trying anything too dangerous!

‘Hoversurf’ must have been working on this for years, and can finally show the world their masterpiece.

‘The Scorpion 3’ is a suitably terrifying name for the highy dangerous vehicle!

These Russian lads really must have no fear!

What an ingenious invention though, essentially cycling through the air! It must be an incredible feeling, but one that not too many people will be keen to enjoy.

Imagine looking down when you’re flying on a hover-bike, a thrilling yet terrifying experience!

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